aaaaaaaah my heart

Thank you guys so much for helping me reach my first thousand followers this morning!!! I want to do something to celebrate, so it would be lovely if you would vote on what you’d like me to do. 

Option 1: I’ll post a prompt list and write short fics based on the prompts you request


Option 2: I’ll write and record songs for ships or characters placed in my ask box

Please reply, ask (not on anon please), or reblog with your vote, and I’ll tally them up to have a finalized event choice by the end of the weekend! I honestly can’t thank you all enough for your love, support, and enthusiastic comments and messages. Creating this tumblr at the beginning of summer has been the best online experience I’ve had, and it’s all because of you guys. Just–thank you <3 

anonymous asked:

What I craved more than a clexa sex scene is a clexa intimate pillowtalk. Lexa pouring out her heart and soul to Clarke and asking her about the sky. Lexa telling her about Costia, Anya, Gustus and Clarke in turn talking about Jake. Just them being Lexa and Clarke, not Heda and Wanheda. R.I.P my heart.

AAAAAAAAH, there are so many things that are way better than a sex scene buddy. Just the intimacy of a heart to heart between them opening up to each other. Being vulnerable only to one another uuuuuuugh. Give me soft touches, hidden smiles, worried looks.


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