how have I not heard this before??!!!



Fifteen years old Cote de Pablo! So fuckin’ cute!

aaaaaaaaaaww *___*

ZEXAL Challenge- Days: 9, 8,7 and 6 cuz I missed moore days.

Day 9- A hetero pairing I dislike:

All those with Haruto..cuz.. No o.o it’s just a bby

Day 8- A Shounen pairing I dislike:

YumaxTetsuo and IVxIII. sorry for those who ship them!

Day 7- Favorite shounen ai paring:

Keyshipping, no need to ask WHY.

Day 6- Favorite hetero pairing:

Screams BAZOOKASHIPPING! I love this pairing soooooooo much! Not only cuz I love Anna, but cuz these two are just so funny together. Thy’re both reaally tsundere, they seem like an old married couple XD!

And first of all………. They tag dueled together in a couple duel tournament. That’s a sign,this must be love.


   HAS BEEN WAITING for days. couldn’t stop counting them. his scent. the sound of his heartbeat. missing. when they finally stand to face the wolf just presses his lips against the other’s. it’s more likea fast kiss, but a hungry one. should let him talk. yeah the sound of his voice and his remarks as stiles and he argued over carpet. or cooking. or clothes was surerly missed. ‘‘ how was london? ’’ he is gonna make nornmal questions for the start. play nice.