Aaaaaaaaaw This could NOT be cuter!!! They wanted to wish Doctor Buggs a Happy Birthday! You guys made my day!!!

#cute #kids #singingHappyBirthday (at Andrews AFB, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland)

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Aaaaaaaaaw, this is gorgeous!!!! <3 Only 5?? Mmmm… Then… Other than you, I tag:

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How does feeding time with Yin go

It’s pretty much like any other time A baby feeds.

Yang: Hey kitten. Calm down mama’s here. *Yang smiled as she lifted Yin from her crib next to the kitchen table, pulling up her shirt to expose her breast to which her daughter began to suck.* There you go. Have all the milk from the milf.

Blake: Yang. Don’t say that. What if that became her first word? *Blake scolded her wife from across the table.*

Yang: Blake, babe. She is three months old. We’ll be go for a few more.

Blake: Sigh. *Blake shook her head and sipped her tea as she watches her daughter feed on Yang’s breast, the elder faunus’s ear twitch. As she thinks to herself.* My tea needs so milk. Maybe later I could have a taste of Yang’s milk. Bet it would good great with my tea. Sigh, Yin is so lucky… Wait AM I GETTING JEALOUS OF MY DAUGHTER SUCKING ON MY WIFE’S TIT!? God I hit a new low. *Blake scolded herself this time when Yang’s voice broke her from her thoughts.*

Yang: Uh, Blake? Blake? Hey Blakey!

Blake: H-Huh? Yes?

Yang: You okay there? You kinda spaced out watching Yin feed.

Blake: O-oh. I-It’s nothing. *Blake stuttered, quickly looking away with a growing blush and at ears folding back as she sipped her Tea again.*

Yang: *For a moment Yang was quiet in thought, looking between Yin and Blake several times before it clicked in her head and huge smile formed on her face.* Oh Blakey. Are you jealous of our baby girl?

Blake: Wha? No. *Blake quickly said, looking farther away as her ears twitch.*

Yang: Oh my god! You are! Hahahahahahahaha! Ow! *Yang burst out laughing at her wife who groans and face palm herself until Yin bites Yang’s nipple. The blonde looking down to see Yin giving a baby glare almost like she is telling her not to make fun of Blake.* Okay okay. I won’t tease mommy. Even though she wants some of you milk. *It was then to Blake and Yang’s heart warming surprise, Yin stopped sucking on Yang’s breast and started to cue to Blake as she patted Yang’s other boob.* Aaaaaaaaaw my God!~<3 Blakey!~<3 She wants to share with you!~<3

Blake: *At this Blake didn’t know if she should be embarrassed, impressed, or proud of her daughter as she blushed uncontrollably while muttered.* Thank you but maybe later when you are sleeping. *Blake blushed more as Yang giggled and mouthed with a wink, “I’m all yours Blakey.”*


Eren’s audio post inspired me to make my own. Enjoy bitches.

Aslo here’s the script incase you need it:

Erwin: My name is irvin smith and i lost my god damn arm to the tee tons.

Mike: He once had a uni brow when he was in training

Erwin: mike. get. the. fuck. out. of. my. office.

*Throws bottle*

Mike: Oh shit!

Levi: whats up motha fuckas levi is in the house. Smoke weed erryday bitches

Mikasa: aaaaaaaaaw shieeeeeet

Mike: Levi why do you sound like a black man suddenly

Levi: I’m a French badass I do what I want biotch

Erwin: For fucks sake is everyone drunk or something?!

Marco: back from the dead assholes

Erwin,Levi,Mike,Mikasa: Wtf?

Jean: Marco! Mi amore! Let’s bang again!

Marco: Yes Jean I want to mount the pony again.

Reiner: Bra partyyyyyyy!

Erwin: Goddamnit Reiner

Erwin: Uggggh my office is never peaceful, fuck you all



Fifteen years old Cote de Pablo! So fuckin’ cute!

aaaaaaaaaaww *___*