aaaaaaaaaand this is the last one

So last Friday, I was in a super copic mood, and I really wanted to practice with them some more.  Sooooo… ripped a page outta my sketchbook and did some doodles.  I drew my buddy @phantomthiefyukai‘s character (I didn’t take a pic of that one before giving it to her, so if she’d like to take a pic and send it to me to post it at some point, that would be chill :> ) aaaaaaaaaand self indulgently drew Ashe’s kids. 

Lucretia is her oldest, she decided to spawn into existence during the world of ruin period, to a bit of Ashe’s dismay x’D  She’s a strong girl though, and Ashe says she takes a lot after her grandpa.  SHE’S LIKE A LITTLE WONDER WOMAN TOO AND HAS THE BIGGEST LITTLE GIRL CRUSH ON GLADIO.  Caelem was originally the second child, but I think he might be the third cause he turned out looking so young xD  He’s the precious timid one, and because he wound up with black hair and blue eyes, Ashe let Iggy name him Caelem to honor the Prince’s memory.  He’s a mama’s boy, BUT YOU CAN BET HE WANTED A COOL NECKLACE LIKE THE ONE HIS DADDY HAS.  His mom did the best she could to make something similar without blatantly forging symbols of the crown lol  Then there’s Freya (named after the ff9 character), who is a lot like her uncle Yukai.  She does the pole arms like her mom though.

So yup… hahaha… I love my babs x’D