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Hi! I was just wondering if you knew when royal princesses started wearing any form of makeup? Just because I always see pictures of princesses during for example the Victorian era and they all look so stunning! Also, I've never seen any pictures of princesses during this time with bad skin either which is why I was wondering if they wore some sort of powder for example! Would OTMA have worn any makeup? Thankyou in advance, I love your blog!!! :)))

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh you want to know the secret of this perfect royal skin, such flawless, satin-soft, clean, viiibrant skin….

well it’s not thanks to their “blue blood” or their “divine rights” no it thanks to ©1800s Photoshop ;) !

Alexander Bassano took multiple photographs of the British Royal Family (he was even appointed in 1890 Photographer to Her Majesty) and British nobility. It seems that his popularity was also gained by the staff of retouchers he had in his studio. It was something very common you could find articles in newspapers, manuals on how to proceed, here is an excerpt of The Art of Retouching by Joseph Hubert published in 1895 : 

Do not on any account forget to touch ladies’ waists in a specially hearty matter, if you want to keep on good terms with them. You are always safe in cutting off an inch on each side, and in some cases, where corpulence is rather conspicuous, two or more inches will never be missed.” 

They were working on the negatives with lead pencils.

and it’s how you get this wax-like skin texture even though you are celebrating your Golden Jubilee at the age of 68 ;)  

Alix and Minnie who are known as the ever youthful sisters, indeed  were blessed with good genes. Numerous people remember how young they looked at an advanced age. Nonetheless their photographs were quite retouched. Here is the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna at the coronation of her son Nicholas II, she was forty-nine. You can compare both pictures…

The Victorian Era is fascinating by its double standard. It was a world where women were supposed to be naturally beautiful and yet ever-increasing numbers of creams, lotions, tricks were sold. In this rather “uptight” society the pale complexion was highly valued (one of their beauty tricks was to use blue pencil to trace their veins), I would even dare to say deadly white complexion. We know how literature was a driving force in construction of feminine beauty, here is an excerpt of Tennyson poem Maud, 1855 :

Pale with the golden beam of an eyelash dead on the cheek,
Passionless pale, cold face, star-sweet on a gloom profound;
Womanlike, taking revenge to deep for a transient wrong
Done but in thought to your beauty, and ever as pale as before
Growing and fading and growing upon me without a sound,
Luminous, gemlike, ghostlike, deathlik

The ideal representation of beauty was seen as intensely moral and emotional. To reach this ideal Victorian periodicals were filled with articles, advises, illustrations. Victorians values were firmly against artifice, in Good Society published in 1869 you can read about lipstick : “There is no man who does not shrink back with disgust from the idea of kissing a pair of painted lips” or women shouldn’t “change the colour of the hair by means of fashionable dyes. Practices of this kind are simply and strictly immodest.”

Their daily routine consisted in cleaning their skin with different kind of soaps then applying cold cream. The latter was a real business and you could find countless of recipes in newspapers and magasines. It is an interesting ride to go through Victorian recipes, some were stuffed with so many chemicals such as arsenic, mercury… Concerning blemishes such as acne or blackheads various cosmetics were dedicated to these.

Heated debates about those products were common within society. Some blaming the side effects of using such products (arguments could go as far as “leading to death”) while others were preaching the qualities. 
On another note, healthy lifestyle was also an important aspect of skincare and women were advised to sleep 8 hours each night, sit in well ventilated rooms, have specific diets…

But despite this disapproval it is clear that Victorian women employed cosmetics and at the end of the 19th century makeup was more or less more acceptable. There is no doubt that Queens and Princesses had powder, rouge pot, eyebrow pencils, papier poudre… It seems to have been always very subtle though.

Concerning OTMA I don’t remember reading in a book that they used makeup however on internet they say they did actually wear some during official photoshoot. I’m sure they had cosmetics as well as some powder but wearing makeup on a daily basis I doubt that :)

If the subject interest you I can recommend you :  Queen Victoria: First Media Monarch by John Plunkett |  Realism, Photography and Nineteenth-Century Fiction by Daniel A. Novak. |  Victorian womens magazines: An anthology |  British Victorian Women’s Periodicals: Beauty, Civilization, Poetry by Kathryn Ledbetter |

Carmilla 2x29

Danny just killed Mattie AQKLJFDSQMJKGHFDSM by crushing her necklace. So now, Carmilla has not only lost the last shred of family and love she’s ever had, but she also knows that Laura was the only one to know how to kill Mattie.

The Giraffe shirt episode is definitely happening on Thursgay.

When you influence someone to watch Tokyo Ghoul
  • Friend:Hey, who's that guy with the black hair?
  • Me:That's Kaneki
  • Friend:What about the white haired guy?
  • Me:That's Kaneki
  • Friend:What about the guy with black and white hair in the manga?
  • Me:Why don't you just watch it? *gives copy*
  • After a day, she came to school late.
  • Me:Hey, how was Tokyo----
  • Me:Oh, so you're at that part.
  • *pats back*

Livebloggin’ The French Connection Job!

  • “He taught me how to use a knife to create instead of destroy.” Omggggggg I can’t hold all these Eliot cooking feels
  • I can maybe believe that Hardison wouldn’t tip a delivery guy, but I can’t believe that he wouldn’t know what an equinox is. Come on.
  • I repeat: is Christian Kane even real?
  • Why does Eliot telling Hardison he’s gonna stab him in the neck always sound like “I love you”
  • Of course Hardison would be into molecular gastronomy. Of course.
  • “Teach me how to like stuff.” AWWWWW PARKER!!!
  • this thing with Eliot teaching Parker how to like food is so sweet it’s breaking my heart basically
  • Sophie’s hippie look is incredible. How did they get her hair like that
  • Eliot encouraging Parker to be a food critic aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh /cries
  • oh my GOD Eliot taking down that tough in the kitchen without even breaking stride
  • Parker telling Eliot to put more feelings into his salsa verde I’M CRY
  • After The Long Way Down Job this is my #2 episode for Eliot/Parker feels. A+
  • clara:[exists]
  • twelve on the outside:ok
  • clara:[hugs twelve]
  • twelve on the inside:oh my fucking GOD no why ???ilysm why are u hugging me platonically????? YOURE PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART?????!???
  • twelve on the outside:ok
Open RP

A low hum resonated in the surrounding area as a large portal opened, ripping into the sky above.

“…-aaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” The building sound was indeed a cry, as a rather large mobian fell from the portal, which closed right after the being’s crossing over. down and down he fell, flailing as he tried to gain balance. It did no use, and he slammed face first into the ground, red streaked black quills sticking straight up.

“Mmmph…” A muffled groan came from the stuck creature, ears just barely poking up from the ground.


*throws potatoes at you* you better get well soon so we can do stuff together

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