Transhumance is the seasonal migration of livestock and herders from mountains to low-lying pastures!
According to Von Thunen’s Isolated State Theory, the use of agricultural land is made up of rings starting at the central market. Next is dairy farms and veggie farms, then woodland zones, then commercial grain, than livestock ranching, then wildlife!!
Mexico City is an example of a primate city!!!
Site is the characteristics of a place that make it unique!!!!
The Demographic Transition Model shows the development of countries over time. It is an explainer of the past, not a model for the future. It is possible that LDCs will not develop through westernization because they went got to stage two artificially (with aid from MDCs), and because they are developing with a greater population than the countries who developed through westernization!!!!!
The dependency theory states that core prospers at the expense of the periphery!!!!!!
Rostow’s liberal theory of development had 5 stages 1.traditional society. 2.preconditions take off. 3.take off. to maturity. 5.high mass consumption!!!!!!!
Examples of invasive species include water hyacinth, kudzu, the Burmese Python!!!!!!!!
Gentrification is the revitalization of downtown areas to lure middle class people from the suburbs to the city!!!!!!!!!!
The Shinto religion is found in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!


The Mind Cage, Ch. 4

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
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A/N: from this chapter onwards, there will be mentions of Bill’s backstory as detailed in Flat Dreams. It won’t be necessary reading it to know what’s going on here, though - I’ll make sure of that!


Stanley Pines did not have a healthy relationship with sleep. He did not have a healthy relationship with plenty of things, really, but sleep came pretty close to the top of the list.

It wasn’t always that way, really: there had been a time when he’d fall asleep snoring wherever he happened to be - on his desk at school, on the couch, on the deck of a partially rebuilt boat on Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey. And, later on, he had been able to sleep perfectly fine on the backseat of his car, or leaning against the when when said backseat became too full of junk.

It hadn’t lasted. Little by little, as his confidence he would make it big and would be able to return home to rub it in his father’s face - and Stanford’s, while he was at it - began to slowly fade, he had more and more trouble falling asleep. 

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fell-dragon-domain  asked:

Ayy salty angry tumblr mom, I just finished my first book a few days ago! And it's written in such a way that no one can say "hey, the themes of racism in this aren't REALLY about racism"

There is literally no wriggle room. Terry was not one of those coy authors who wanted to let you make your own mind up as to whether or not racism was good or bad, he was emphatically beating us over the head with the message “STOP. BEING. BASTARDS.”

And he did so by making the heroes pause—y’know, the people who are usually superhuman in their unproblematic behavior—look at their own lives and go “oh shit, I’m part of the problem.”

I just *drags fingers down face* AAAAAAAAAAAGH

i'm reading mary robinson's autobiography

and it’s making me feel AWFUL. i feel like the biggest failure to ever loser ever. she was a senator, barrister and professor by the age of 25. TWENTY FIVE.

and the whole thing is exacerbated by this picture of us:

it’s like, could I have made any less of an effort that day???

every time someone posts someone else’s art without a source i just get filled with rage like i dont even have a justified reason for it since im not even an artist and it isnt my art but its just so aggravating, like someone worked hard on it and they deserve praise and then someone just posts it without even giving them credit and its  just aaaaaaaagh