i don’t like the clary/simon plot line. i know, i know, it’ll be over in a hot second, but. this post isn’t about that. 

i understand the clary/simon plot line. 

because I’ve been there. I’ve been desperately in love with my best friend for years, I lived the trope of the girl and guy who were so close everyone thought they were dating, who argued like a married couple and supported each other like a married couple. 

i was his confidante and his champion, i picked him up when he was down and he did the same for me. like simon, I was loyal to a fault; like clary, he burned brighter and brighter and pulled me irrevocably closer into his orbit. 

i fell in love with him over years of growing up together, through the ins and outs of being a teenager. i held his hand through all his insecurities and fears; he made me believe in myself when I thought there was nothing left of me worth giving to the world. 

i loved him. i was simon. he loved me. he was clary. 

there was a jace in this situation - a girl who was bright and beautiful and overwhelmingly, in every way possible, not me. he loved her. he loved her deeply and fiercely and in the same way i loved him. i watched him fall in love with her, helplessly seeing what I’d thought real slip away in front of me, piece by piece. 

i know what simon is supposed to feel when clary falls for jace immediately. i’ve been there. there is nothing quite so bitter as the moment you realize that you have loved and loved and loved and you didn’t make it. you weren’t good enough. 

and, like simon, i know that if he - if clary - ever gave me the chance, I would have dated him. in a heartbeat. 

he would have been using me as a stopgap solution for his broken heart. he would have cast longing glances at the other girl. it would have never worked. but i would have fucking done it. i would have believed, despite everything in me screaming not to, that it might have worked. 

it’s not impossible to imagine the scenario clary and simon are in. you can be friends with someone of the opposite gender - but god, you can also fall in love with them, and it can feel completely right; you can fit together in every way possible, you can have fun together, you can be genuinely good for each other, and it still won’t work out. you are still setting yourself up to get your heart broken when you decide to love someone who loves you back, but not quite as much. 

it hurts. it fucking hurts like nothing else in this world. it took me two years to get over it, and some days it comes back all at once, leaving me bitter. 

the story of clary and simon - at least as far as the show takes it - is about falling in love with someone who will never love you back in the way you want. it’s knowing that, and steadfastly setting yourself up for heartbreak anyway. there’s no logical explanation for it. it’s just the tiny, misguided hope you carry with you when you’re in love with your best friend. 

clary and simon will break up. they should break up. maybe you think they have chemistry, maybe you think they’re as flat as a sheet of paper together. it doesn’t matter; we all know they’re not good for each other. 

but know that behind them is the shadow of every story of a best friend who loved and lost; know that when i see them on screen i see what it’s like to love the wrong person, and it hurts but it’s cathartic in it’s own way. their story is possible, and that is what makes it quietly sad. 

(and hey, in case you wanted to extend the metaphor further! the ‘jace’ in this situation - the other girl - was attached at the hip to me. she turned him down. the people that knew us all strongly suspected that she and i were dating; while we were not, i was a little in love with her and she was a little in love with me, and we’ll always be there for each other. so jace/simon worked out in the end, folks.) 

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Fake relationship fanfic trope?



anyway, this

this counts right

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headcanons about dating karen page?😁😁😁 pleaaaaase

yes!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ok ok so karen meets her s/o one day when she’s doing another one of her ‘i’m technically not supposed to do this but i am anyway’ adventures, and karen drops down onto a fire escape to run away from some Real Bad Folks. the window behind her opens and this really, REALLY cute person sticks their face out and is like “oh my god. are you a burglar?” “do i look dressed to burgle?” and the person looks her up and down then shrugs and says “i mean, i guess you could burgle me in heels. people have done weirder things. it’s hell’s kitchen.”
  • karen comes inside bc the person can tell she needs help and they wait it out, karen sitting on the couch (away from the window) and the owner of the apartment sitting next to her. they hand her a mug of coffee and she kinda starts to smile at them and notices that they’re smiling back
  • cut to a few weeks later and they’ve continued to hang out, meeting up for coffee and swapping stories. karen’s realizing she really, really likes this person, and they’re kinda realizing that they like karen, too.
  • “Hey, do you wanna get dinner?” “Oh, um, I’d love to.”
  • once they start dating, they find out karen is a super dork.
  • deborah ann woll actually plays DnD intensely IRL, so i hc that karen does, too, and she definitely tries to get her s/o into it. 
  • “baby, look. i made you a character sheet. you’re a high elf with an affinity for magic and you-” “oh my god i’ll play the stupid nerd game, sweetie, just calm down”
  • office DnD nights where foggy is the DM and makes up stupid scenarios for the characters to get into (”ok so you’re all hanging upside down by your feet over a boiling sea of chicken soup-” “FOGGY THIS IS A SERIOUS GAME” “calm down kare-bear”)
  • ridiculous pet names are used in private, and sometimes in public just to Roast™ one another
  • karen gets shaky sometimes when she wakes up from really bad nightmares about she’s done, so she’ll roll over ahd hold her s/o really tight, waking them up and alerting them that she needs help
  • her s/o stopping by the bulletin with coffee and her favorite snacks in a brown paper bag and saying “for my favorite agent of espionage.” “i’m a journalist-hardly any different but nevertheless distinct, babe.”
  • going on a getaway together and driving until new york is just. gone. they can breathe for a little bit and karen seems both jittery and happy, because new york might be her home and the place that calls to her, but sometime’s you gotta refuse the siren song and get away.
  • her s/o holding her hands and telling her that she’s the most beautiful woman on the whole earth and she goes bright red, because she’s so unused to being complimented
  • dancing together in the living room and holding each other close, swaying in time and smiling in the stillness and peacefulness
  • “hey, kar?” “yeah?” “i love you” “shut UP”


Title: The Five Times Pietro was a Jealous Idiot.
Ship: Pietro Maximoff x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Twincest? Not so much a warning, but yea. Also, this isn’t for people who like the whole Vision x Wanda thing going on (comics or MCU). Yea.
AN: For vintagelacerosette, and her prompt “Protective Pietro against Vision’s friendliness towards Wanda”. OHMYGOSH I LOVE YOUR PROMPT SO MUCH SO I REALLY HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. I’ve been waiting for a request of Maximoff jealousy, especially Pietro, SO YAY FOR YOU THANK YOU!!! As always, I apologize if there are grammatical and spelling errors. I really did enjoy writing this tho, I hope there aren’t any. :D Enjoy! (Fic under the cut).

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