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hey not to fucking REACH but please take a look at this particular keith/lotor parallel…… while these two may approach things differently, they’re essentially two sides of the same coin

not gonna lie……….i think lotor is going to have something to do with Lance’s character arc in future seasons…….Lotor is smart and knows how to exploit weaknesses….and Lance sees himself as the weakest member of the team. that is a big red flag my dudes… the anticipation for Lance’s insecurity resolve is Building still. there hasn’t been any resolve for it yet….. i seriously think….Lance might actually get manipulated by Lotor’s team. especially because it’s a team of ladies too, and we know how he is with girls…….what if they lure him in with the promise of glory and being valued but when he realizes who they are he tries to leave but Narti mind controls him into betraying team voltron,,,,,,,,,,,im not okay something is gonna happen to him oh my god lance pleASE BE CAREFUL GOD DAMN IT HE ALREADY FEELS LIKE HE SHOULD STEP ASIDE BECAUSE HE DOESNT THINK HE CONTRIBUTES TO THE TEAM THIS IS NOT GOOD HE’S PROBABLY GONNA GET MANIPULATED BY LOTOR LIKE I FOR REAL THINK IT PROBABLY WILL HAPPEN PLEASE PROTECT MY SO N

“Big Morty is watching you”

I honestly feel like this is going to happen. I’m sorry. 

 EDIT: I just realized “Big Morty” sounds like the character from the last episode. No, I’m sorry, it’s a reference to George Orwells book 1984. Aaa sorry I thought it was kinda obvious.

EDIT2: I just realized a terrible terrible mistake the last photo had. I’m really sorry guys.


So I commissioned the beautiful and talented @archiaart to draw my Man in the Moon OC, Manny, and @underwildwood ‘s Jack together, and I was not disappointed. Look at how amazing and lovely this is. Absolutely beautiful. I’m excited to commission her again.