I miss my first angst pairing so have some SaruMi prompts!

-Misaki accidentally calls Saru without meaning to and ends up asking if he wants hotpot since he made too much for one person. Saru teases him by calling him a lonely virgin and an idiot thinking that the latter is going to slam the phone down but Misaki insisted and due to the younger one’s persistence, he accepts to eat it with his loud nemesis. Saru will never admit it out loud but he actually misses Misaki’s cooking.

-A new game released by jungle had gotten viral and Scepter 4 thought that they could use the app to their advantage in order to defeat the Green King. HOMRA receives the news late and has gotten access to their personal datas. The Green Clan proceeds to move in the shadows, taking down one HOMRA clansman at a time. Anna orders Misaki to seek help from the Blue King once again but because Saru’s learned of the situation way too early, he too, moves in the shadows to foil the Green clans men’s strategy and had a self-made device made for Misaki so that only the two of them can keep in touch of each other’s condition. Reisi learns of Saruhiko’s secret plan and teases him about it, saying that he himself is thoroughly enjoying the events occurring.

‘Blake and Yang sit in the medbay’

'Ruby busts into the room ,with Weiss in tow’

Yang - Ruby ?! 'gets up’

Ruby - Yang ?

Yang- 'breaks into a sprint’ RUUUUUBBBYYYY !

Ruby -  'breaks into a sprint, with tears in her eyes’ Yaaaaaaaaaaang !

Yang- Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 'tears well up in eyes’

Ruby - 'sobbing’ Yaaaaaa-aaaaaaaa-aaaaaaa-nnnnnnnnggggg

'Weiss backhands Ruby and kicks Yang into the knee, sending both girls falling to the floor’

Blake - Weiss !

Weiss - What ?

Blake - She just got her arm cut off  !

Weiss- Well, I kicked her in the leg….

Blake -'scoops Yang into her arms’ She doesn’t need kicks anywhere, she’s got a boo boo 'scowls at Weiss’

Weiss- Look I’m sorry ok ? We’re all back together now, so let’s talk…..

Blake - 'scowl softens’ Ok…..’ sits Yang up, as Weiss and Ruby sit around them’

Yang- 'composes self’ So little sis, how’d it go  ? 'face leans in with interest’

Ruby - 'feigning humility’ Oh you know…just some grimm….a few nevermore….a beowulf

Yang - 'sighs with relief’ Not too bad ! I got some nice kills to….

Ruby - AND Neo 'significant look of pride covers Ruby’s face’

Yang - 'falls back’ WHAT ?!                

Weiss - Oooooooh, that’s not good for you Yang….. 'looks at Yang’

Yang- Whatd'ya mean ? I’m proud of her !

Blake - Yeah, but she just succeeded, where YOU failed

Yang-  It was a hard fight ! A…and she had the benefit of MY experience

Weiss - Even so, she just usurped your power as big sister

Ruby - That’s right ! 'stands up, hands on hips, leg wide spread’ and with this new power, I will be the best big sister to little Yang EVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR ! 'laughs manically’

Yang - You can’t just do that ! You can’t just…..

Blake - Shhhh 'holds finger over Yang’s mouth’ You’re being very rude young lady !

Yang - But !

Ruby - No butts !

Yang - 'mischevious smile’ Heh, butts  =D

Blake - 'nods head ’ Yes, we made the right decision….

Writing requests are OPEN

Idk if Marco would have either a rly nice singing voice of if he would just sound like a dying cat

I kno Adam McAurthur can probably sing well but he’s doing that squeaky thing 2 sound like a kid it might just come out like “aAAaAaAa”

Marco tries to sing a lullaby to Star but ends up scaring her w/ his screeching

soweli suwi
  • soweli suwi
  • Polina Cedric
  • toki pona pi jan Polina

tenpo pimeja pini la mi toki e ni: mi kalama e kalama musi pi “soweli suwi”. tenpo ni la mi kalama kin! 

Yesterday I had said I would sing my toki pona translation of Cookie Cat and I did!

nimi/lyrics: (here in sitelen pona + rough translation back to English)

ona li namako, ona li pona
ona tan ma ante pi sewi pimeja!
ona li kama weka e utala suli!
tenpo ni la ona lon esun ali!

soweli suwi
li pona tawa insa sina!
soweli suwi
li pilin pona. sina sona!
soweli suwi
li weka kin e mama ona!
soweli suwi!