look at those inconsistent styles, mmmm yes

anyway, here’s some Stars! The painting [top one] was done on my phone, and the bottom on my laptop. 


I couldn’t focus on drawing or even think straight recently (thanks body), so I’ve been blissfully drowning in wvw during night time. I think I gained like 20 wvw levels in a few days. xwx;;;; So now I’m 80-something. Baby steps, yeah, but I’m finally starting to understand what I’m doing, what others are doing and saying in map chat.. That wvw talk is a very specific gibberish. :’>

Still yolo’ing on my main (yes, I do feel like a living joke) instead of working on another ele, who’s supposed to be a lil bit tankier and use daggers. One day I’ll finish the set and bring Kekki to wvw, I swear! :’D *proceeds to avoid duels on main*

But hey, even though my roaming strategy currently is “avoid the shit out of enemy dots if alone”, I’m even feeling better about wvw fights overall. Even if I run into a hostile, I’m not panicking anymore. Progress. \o/ Instead I’m learning how to escape, it’s a muscle memory already. And in group fights, I’ve been seeing myself actually?? Bringing some help? Like aoe heals and cc. Feels good to disable enemies and watch them being eaten alive by the others. :’> Today we’ve even denied around a dozen players, while being smaller in numbers (and not in a group), and I was the one who went for the last push. That felt amazing.

What else felt amazing? Feeding the recently earned gift of battle to the fucking cat. xwx;;; Also spending my first 100 skirmish tickets on the same mini. To get to the cat place, I had to do the jp I’d totally forgotten about, so.. It was a nice accomplishment, damn proud of it.

Today I’ve semi-accidentaly grouped with a pve dude that looked so damn lost that my stupid mentor instincts kicked in. I hate myself for this, but I have next to no resistance when I see newbs.. *wheeze* Today resulted in roaming with that dude while explaining everything I’ve learned so far, then leading him to EBG and leaving with a comm tag, where he hopefully earned the gift of battle. I used to be as just clueless not so long ago.. I’ve made a significant learning progress over the last month and, I guess, got sucked into wvw for good. xwx;;;; But it’s all for the better, I’m slowly but steadily overcoming my fear of fighting other players. :’DD … *kicks self for too much rambling*