im gonna go see deadpool on wednesday and im p exited so!! have some dadpool picking up Ellie from school

he always wear ridiculous incredible fashion like this to embarass her but she doesn’t care, like, at all


i still suck at making commission posts and also pricing but ANYWAY

im taking commissions again! im saving up for multiple non-essential things right now such as a PS vita, a tattoo, art supplies, upcoming cons, clothes, etc! i just turned 18 and im still unemployed so itd help for me to have a bit of income to start supporting myself a little to take some strain off of my mom!

even if you cant buy a commission, id super appreciate it if youd reblog this to boost it!

more examples of my art can be found here. i also might be opening nsfw commissions soon too!

if youre interested in commissioning me for something not pictured here (icon, refsheet, character design, knee-up drawing, etc) you can send me a message and we can work something out!

Pay What You Want/Can Sketch Pages!

I don’t have a fancy set up so apologies for that aa but I’m opening up sketch page commissions! At this time they’ll be sketched traditionally, scanned and edited to look nice, with the option of simple digital coloring! Each commission with be 2 sketches and 2 doodles!

For examples of my art style/experience level check out my art blog @motharts!

Things I Will Draw:

  • Ocs
  • furries/fursonas
  • nsfw poses/nude characters
  • most anything humanoid
  • fan characters
  • canon characters
  • some gore (some guts, bruises, cuts, amputation)

What I Won’t Draw:

  • facial hair
  • couple nsfw
  • feral animals
  • robots/mechanical things
  • full armor suits/complicated armor
  • certain kinks (inflation, age play, daddy kink, incest, etc.)

If you’re interested in a commission please fill out this form and send it via ask, IM or to my email

Simple Colors: (Digital or Traditional or None)

Character references: (Picture references only, please!)

Poses: (What position you’d like your character to be in, if you have a preference)

Payment amount: (Amount of money you will be paying for your commission, so I may send you an invoice via paypal. This can be decided after the commission is completed)

Paypal Email: (Your paypal Email)

If you can’t afford to commission me/don’t want to it would help a lot if you reblogged to spread this around please and thank you!!