god this fuckin scene hit so close to home i–

“Can I ask you something, Clarke?”


“You had a boyfriend.”

She rolls her eyes. “You know what, I change my mind. You can google that one, it’s called bisexuality.”

Lexa’s sigh is an exasperated one. “That’s not what I was going to ask.”

“Fine. What.”

“If you like boys, why would you ever want to be with a girl?”

and then clarke fuckin clarkes it up with

“uh, boobs

god dammit i love this fic so much

rescue shelter for wayward aliens

those who guard the guards themselves, ch. 2

[a supergirl x poi crossover au]

Sometimes Shaw gets up in the morning to find Kara asleep on her living room floor, curled up with Bear, their limbs entwined. Apparently, Cat won’t let them get a dog—yet; Kara’s wearing her down—and Kara and Bear fall in love with each other instantly. Birds of a feather, after all. Or… dogs. Whatever.

And sometimes you just need some Bear time, Shaw gets it. Bear’s pretty great.

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AND SINCE I’VE BEEN SUCK PLAYING OVERWATCH I completely forgot to make fanart for the lovely people that have joined the Monster Office group! ;v;

This time we have Sylvester “Stud” who belongs to @chassdraws/@classychassiss! My goodness he’s such a handsome character omg………

Of course Nadia would compliment his nice horns, his mane, basically anything about him! She wants to be friendly with everyone uvu

Hope you enjoy! ;v;


Ayy finally made some characters for @floral-wires story!

The first one’s name is Arthur. He’s male and very protective of his lil sister, and does his best to protect her, and any other’s he comes to meet.

The second one is Cecilia! She’s female,around 12 years old, and rather cheery despite their situation. Mostly to keep the her brother and anyone else, in high spirits!

Feel free to ask any questions about them ;v;/

anonymous asked:

Hey you have really nice art! I hope you're having a good day. Also the fishbowl girl kind of looks like Marinette from Miraculous ladybug.

I love mari omg thank you!!!