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SHINee World 2017 in Kobe Day Two–170204

When Jonghyun was being too cute as the members were focused on messing with him, Taemin copied singing Jonghyun’s part [in Gentleman] “Let’s dance! I am [your] escort” and then Minkey copied it and everyone ran around madly. Jonghyun was embarrassed and angrily said “You guys (anntatachi)!” and then Onew started sining “Ann~ta~ta~chi~” [to the tune of “Under the Sea”], and they seemed to be so disordered they couldn’t be controlled.

Cr. 5ee_jt Trans: Professorjjong

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how do you think the ut, uf, and us skelebros would react to their s/o having drawn on them while they were sleeping? not like a fake moustache or something stupid, but really gorgeous designs and patterns that make them look a bit like sugarskulls?

i might actually draw someth from this it’d be super cute and pretty aaaa ~Mod Chrissu



He actually really likes it?? Every once in a while he actually begs for you to draw it on him again, even going as far as to offer his arms to draw on when you have no more room. It’s a common appearance for him to be covered in elegant designs, and he loves it. It’s like saying he’s yours in a way, and this dude would gladly shout it from the rooftops if you’d let him.


He’s fine with it, until he cleans it off. You have no idea how hard it is to scrub off marker on bones, it’s a lot harder than it seems. But he likes to watch you do it, you make really cute expressions and it makes you happy so!



Thinks it’s the coolest thing ever! Absolutely insists on having it everywhere, arms, legs, back of his head. Please make this lil blueberry pretty, he loves seeing your art so much.


Actually tries to emulate what you do to him on you. He’s not an artist in any way, but his effort means a lot. It doesn’t end up that bad, actually. He isn’t a selfie guy but he takes a bunch with you, with a bunch of kisses to your face. It’s teeth-rottingly sweet, lemme tell ya.



If he has patrols, he demands you wipe it off him, but if it’s his day off, he’d happily wear it all day. He especially likes when you smother him in kisses and the marker is all over your mouth and it’s smeared all over his skull. It makes him smile.


He actually likes to wear it around outside, especially on the cracked eye. It doesn’t hurt when you put it on, but it covers up the crack and he’s lowkey self conscious about it. He insists on it looking like flames or something though, just to add to his toughness factor.

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Kyaaa~ Hellooo! May I ask for Midorima who has a fem s/o that's really close with her guy friend, and he gets jealous and all that.. wahhh im sorry if it's too vague.. but i'm really looking forward to it! thank youuuu dear waaah ✿♥‿♥✿

ALSO yes please answer it in gifs hehe im sorry i didnt manage to add thatt  

Hi there! Don’t worry, it’s not too vague. Your request is really cute honestly aaaa!! I hope you like it! <3 - Rin

Midorima Shintarou

• At first, he’d put on a nonchalant expression and pretend not to care. He’s just a friend, why should he worry?

“I am not jealous, nanodayo.”

• However, his composed expression changes whenever you mention your friend. He’d start being a little sarcastic, but not too much to annoy you.

• So you’d ask him, “Are you jealous?” And of course, he’d say:

“Why would I get jealous? It is obvious that I am better than him.”

• He would deny it no matter what. But when he sees you two together, he unconsciously shoots glares.

• And annoyed glances.

•  Merely mentioning him gets Shintarou quiet. And of course, when you ask him; he’s fine, he’d say.

• But oh, you get it. Your boyfriend is definitely jealous. This side of him is honestly so adorable, and you’d purposefully tease him to bring out his tsundere side. 

“R-ridiculous! I am– I am not jealous!”

Takao would even side with you, and prove that Midorima’s claims are false. He’d tell you that he Shin-chan gets grumpy when you and your friend are together. 

• You actually love this side of him, because it only shows that he doesn’t want to lose you to another guy.

An absolutely adorable picture of Pyrrha done by @felipone !! Feli is such a sweetie to work with; responded to everything very fast, and the quality of their art is so nice! I love everything about this, it’s so cute! Please, go check them out or commission them if you can!  ♥ ♥

Thank you for inspiring us with your beautiful art! Here’s my baby Madison inspiring you senpai!!❤❤

AAA WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Madison’s a real cutie and I love your art style, it’s adorable!!! Bless your soul o(*^▽^*)o!! I hope you have a lovely day!!

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"I love you. I don't-" He stops, pauses, takes a moment to breathe and gather his thoughts before putting his hands on her shoulders and gripping. "I don't say it enough. But god damn it, Angela Ziegler, I love you. I love the way that you can wake up and see the good in the world when I can't see another reason to. I love that you still manage to be kind when you've got twenty other bastards who'd pay to grind you down. I love your laugh. I love your smile, I-" It's years' worth of confessions

     brilliant blue eyes go wide before a smile overtakes her face. it’s giddy, perhaps even a little childish, but she’s blooming underneath the focus of his attention. always so intense, even in these tender moments. all of him goes into all he does. it’s something to admire. another something to love about this man. for all his faults, for all her doubts and anxieties, she knows. she knows and a reminder only lets that thrive within her, catching and threading through a sensation so powerful, so overwhelming, and yet it can only go by the simple name of joy.

     it’s a deluge of emotion on Jack’s part. probably something close to overwhelming and she is exalted in the fact that he pushed himself to say, to tell, to confess these things to her. and while her ego sings to let him continue, she leans up close to press a patient mouth to his. it is chaste, but it lingers in the soft line of their lips. a warmth curls in her stomach that she cannot ignore and it spreads by way of her hand, as it cups Jack’s face close, as it soothes the worried lines of his face.

          ❝ i love you, too, Jack. i love you so much. ❞ the words are so soft, closed down to something only for him. ❝ and i know you love me. even if you don’t say it as much as you think you should – i know and i’m so grateful for it. for you. ❞