aaaa this game is just great

I can’t wait till someone writes that novel-long, super amazing post-botw zelink fic. One always seems to be written after a console loz game is released and they’re always fantastic *__*


You’re a miracle,Jodie. Our miracle.

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Iii just watched it and now, I am curious. What inspired House Of Winter?? It's a great game, the atmospheres fitting and the story so far and such (poor Molossia tho)

Mostly it was because of the strip of russia fantasizing about taking care of the nations as babies so its like ‘HE JUST WANTS TO TAKE CARE OF BABIES AAAA’ and it lead to ‘what if micronations though???’ and it spiraled from there

Aaaa omg don’t judge me XD I just really like this dork, ok??? Playing him is the best XDD and I love his quotes in polish they are so bad yet so good I’m having great fun ;v; nope I still don’t have Overwatch…me and my friends had a little gaming party yesterday and we switched after one play each and I drew him between matches and fast colored in PS with mouse XD  … NINA HAS HIS LEGENDARY RAREST GOLDEN PEPE SKIN I LOVE IT XDDDDDD I’M GONNA HAVE IT SOON!!!!! . So if anyone didn’t know yet it’s Lucio from Overwatch XD