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Hello!! Can I get headcanons of Katsuki, Shouto and Kirishima to entering their s/o room bc idk they want her help with something (?) and they find her asleep cuddled up with her two pet puppies she brought to the dorms? AAAA i have 2 yorkshire pups and they're the cutest thing ever idbdhdv thank you so much cutie and have a great day!!!!

(This is such a pure and wholesome idea! Thank you anon! Have a lovely day as well!)

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • The game his significant other has borrowed him was driving him nuts already, so before anything happened to it, he decided to just return it to her safely. He bursts into her room without knocking and is ready to hand them the console.
  • The moment Katsuki sees them asleep, he kinda feels bad for his stormy entrance and wants to slowly back away until he sees the pups cuddled in her embrace.
  • He feels a blush creeping on his features so he covers his face quickly, even though there’s nothing to see.The tips of his ears get really red and he just exits the room without making a noise.
  • Ironically, he is lowkey jealous of the fluffs, because he should be the one cuddling his partner.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • When Shouto forgot his umbrella, he borrowed his partner’s one. Once he gets back to the dorms, he wants to return it as soon as possible and thank her for it.
  • He gently knocks on her door and when he gets no response, he slowly opens the door with the intent of leaving the umbrella on the closest surface. The sight of her totally takes him by surprise.
  • A soft smile would crawl on his lips and he would let out a gentle giggle, hoping he won’t wake her up. He would get the closest blanket and drape it on them carefully. The sight would make him so happy.
  • Before he exits the room, Shoto would leave a sweet peck on his significant other’s forehead and softly pet the little doggies on top of their heads.

Kirishima Eijiro:

  • Kirishima would want to receive his partner’s opinion and help on some homework assignment. Rushing to her room, he would ask her for help the moment he opens the door, but stops in his tracks immediately.
  • His first instinct is to coo, seeing his partner cuddled in a bundle of warmth and cuteness. Closing the door, the first thing he does is take a picture of them to save it for his phone’s background or screenlock.

  • He slowly wriggles his way in between the wall and her , taking her into his embrace and probably falling asleep surrounded by kindness and puppies.

  • If his significant other wakes up before he does, Kirishima would explain that she was simply too cute not to hug and he had to join the fun with them. Plus, there were puppies around!

You’re a miracle,Jodie. Our miracle.


And ofc the colors deviate super hard from the og bc wow don’t I just love bright colors hah (I also changed the boots a bit to kinda go with the outfit better?? idk)

For @loverofscythe bc he’s great and I love his art and his gaming commentary lmao

Completely random thought: Team Skull’s grunt theme sounds too badass for them
Seriously, it goes a bit too hard a bit too much, I feel like maybe it shoulda been the admin theme? much as I ADORE plumeria, her battle music is the weakest of the three

And like.. do you guys all remember the really cool japanese trailer where it first introduced team skull in a kind of amv form? that was WAY TOO COOL! They actually looked tough! I remember I was preemptively worried cos I felt maybe it’d be cringey if these weird parody 2 edgy 4 u teens were actually supposed to be LEGITIMATELY EDGY, i was like ‘wow whoa wait was i wrong all along??’ Glad they ended up being hilarious goofballs in the final product, even though Guzma ended up being a bit scarier and angrier than expected, and had way less screentime than expected, and just basically this is why I like the Dad Guzma Headcanon Version and the How Him And Kukui Knowing Each Other Could Have Been An Actual Plot thing, and etc etc I’m getting offtopic…

its so surreal hearing that same badass music is JUST THE GRUNT THEME and then like seriously guzma’s theme is off the damn scale!

but lol i think i realized why i love the grunt theme best
it feels more like your theme

i mean, there’s barely any remotely challenging skull grunts in the game, they’re more memorable for being funny and cute and relateably pathetic.
so why does the super extreme badass music not ruin the moment, even when you’re kicking some guy;’s ass in ten seconds flat? Its cos it does a great job at amping you up! you feel powerful when you hear it! its like the song of Sun/Moon terrorizing these poor grunts! XD
Seriously wasnt that just THE BEST evil hq dungeon ever tho?? theyre all freaking the fuck out just trying to hold you back, there’s that one guy who’s yelling AAAA WE’RE BEING INVADED and the other dude in the distance thinks he’s hitting on him, you go clambering across the rooftops and breaking through multiple buildings to get around the various barricades, seriously you’re like the bogeyman of the baddies and its THE BEST
Man I wish i could animate cos I got some hilarious ideas for the skull grunts running like hell from this friggin titan of a twelve year old!
Skull grunt A: *chillin*
Skull grunt B: hey what’s tha-
Battle theme: *in the distance*

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Boyf riends hcs? Id be happy to oblige. These are kinda generic but. When my main man micheal is feelin down in the dumps for any reason jer just fuckin brings out the smokes and puts on retro vidya game music and they just fuckin vibe out and talk abt weird shit. Somethimes they play vidya games but thats hard for both of them to do while stoned.

“but thats hard for both of them to do while stoned.” are you implying that if one of them wasnt smoking hed be okay at video games

imo if just ones high the other cant concentrate because hes gay and he loves his bf

ok but idc if theyre generic im gay and in love with these boyos!!!!!!! aaaa!!!!!

michael isnt as “”Open”” about his feelings as “”jerm”” is but jerm would rather know when hes upset than not know at all so mike will just be like “im not feeling Too Great (Trademark) lately buddy” and jeremys just. So sweet hes like “thats okay buddy, its okay to not be okay” and they hug. And then like u said they go smoke

and 8bit music is rlly calming to them bc video games are like. Their life so they just smoke and jam out and its somehow always late when they do this so theyre just sitting on one of their beds and chillin, usually next to or on top of each other bc theyre gay, and the windows open so theres like a Comfortable Chill and the moons bright and theyre just talking about whatever and,,,, fskjkdsksjdmkfdksdfksdjkfskc

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Oooooh! ! !!! BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE!!!! ☆O☆ I LIKE IT ALREADY AND I'M EXITED TO SEE WHAT KIND OF THINGS YOU COME UP WITH!!! (now if you excuse me i must consume fandom trash)- '-'

AAAA THANK YOU!! I’M REALLY EXCITED TOO!! I’ve started writing early because I just have so many ideas and askfhlsahs I dont write as much as I used to so it’s gonna be fun working on a long story again!! I have Remy helping me with a lot of ideas as well so I already know it’s gonna be great!! I might release sneak peeks every now and again and draw scenes from it because it’s gonna take a long time, plus the game isn’t even finished so I have to eagerly wait for the new chapters to release! Thank you for this nice message I was getting discouraged for a moment but this has really boosted my confidence in this little project! Enjoy your fandom trash anon, I will continue writing down some brainstorms! <3

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Aaaa omg don’t judge me XD I just really like this dork, ok??? Playing him is the best XDD and I love his quotes in polish they are so bad yet so good I’m having great fun ;v; nope I still don’t have Overwatch…me and my friends had a little gaming party yesterday and we switched after one play each and I drew him between matches and fast colored in PS with mouse XD  … NINA HAS HIS LEGENDARY RAREST GOLDEN PEPE SKIN I LOVE IT XDDDDDD I’M GONNA HAVE IT SOON!!!!! . So if anyone didn’t know yet it’s Lucio from Overwatch XD