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[TRANS] [M+ Trivial Interview] INFINITE L? Curious about Kim Myungsoo as a human being.


Name: L (belongs to INFINITE)
Things of interest lately? : Exercise. Body shaping.
My driving force? Myself.
Place that he wants to visit for a vacation? Hawai

Q: Things of interest lately?

MS: Exercise! Lately, I have been shaping my body.

Q:  Now, things that you want to do?

MS: Vacation, healing, time to think things over.

Q: The happiest moment in a day?

MS:  Meal time at the afternoon, a relaxing tea time.

Q: What do you do and where do you go during a break day?

MS: Mostly, I would just stay home all day or go to a nearby cafe to enjoy the sunlight.

Q:  Lately, a person that you keep in contact the most is?


Q: The most precious thing that you have received lately is?

MS: Our Byeol! (pet cat) (awwwwww)

Q: Lately, the music that you have been listening to mostly is?

MS: Piano instrumental.

Q: A way to relieve stress?

MS: Listening to instrumental.

Q: A turning point in my life?

MS: Debuting as INFINITE.

Q: The most precious memory that you have made with the members?

MS: When we went on vacation together.

Q: A member that you feel jealous the most of is?

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