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ur stuck inside a 2006 highschool movie and suddenly a food fight breaks out in the lunch room and u have to defend urself. good luck.

its 2 am and ur thinking about the girl u have a crush on but shes taken so u spend ur night writing about her instead while wondering how it feels 2 make out with her.

u sneak out of ur house at 3 in the morning only to find a dimly lit street with a flickering light. the flicker flows in such a way that ur body can’t help but dance to its beat.

the sun starts to set while ur laying on ur trampoline and u become so entranced by the slowly appearing stars that you begin to think about the extraterrestrials and how they live up there. u get up and start jumping as high as u can while u wish u could be up there with them.

ur an experienced hacker and also trying to overthrow the government all at the same time. the CIA are trying to catch u but ur always one step ahead.

ur at an antique garage sale and u stumble upon an old lava lamp that u quickly buy. once u plug it in, u stare at the lava moving slowly when suddenly u feel urself being pulled into a trance, ur moves replicating that of the lamp.

ur sitting in the car, the wind from ur open window blowing ur hair, when u realize this is it. this is life. ur not scared, u feel okay. life is okay. life is good.

u accidentally got into an argument w dracula after u escaped him and now hes after u but u guys also secretly like eachother. a love hate relationship between the both of u is in the works.

*H U M A N

first, i was planning on making an art instead buuut i wanted to try making another speedpaint coz its so fun even though one hand is bothering the other hand HELP

oh and look its heavenfell papYRUS AAHK @heavenfell-au

Song- Alan Walker Faded (Sara Farell Cover)


05.01.17 // needless to say, neither the chocolate, nor the book lasted long.

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sure do love friendship

Keith stared intensely at Lance and Pidge, visibly biting down on a pizza crust. “Y'all are weak,” they told them. Lance and Pidge had been setting their crusts aside, and for Keith, that was the Ultimate Weakness Sign.

“Uh,” Lance started to retaliate, “No. You’re just a total weirdo, tbh.”

“Don’t say ‘tbh’ out loud, Lance.” Pidge was frowning, she looked like she was exaggerating being very tired. “I love you, you’re very important to me, but don’t do that, omg.” She set the crust on the pizza she’d just finished eating aside, and both Keith and Lance were staring at her now.

“So Lance can’t do it, but you can?” Keith had already had a judgy eyebrow raised at her for being a Pizza Weakling, but if possible, it got judgier.

Not skipping a beat, Pidge said, “Yes. I’m cute so I’m automatically exempt.” She smiled, to show off how cute she was.

“I’m cute, too!” Lance huffed, tearing the top off of his pizza slice with his teeth instead of biting into it like a normal human being.

“Yea, Lance is cute, too,” said Hunk, and Keith nodded and made a humming sound in agreement.

“You’re right,” Pidge conceded. “But is he–” She adjusted her glasses, and smirked a bit, “–the cutest?”

“No?” Keith looked confused, “That’s Hunk,” they said, and Hunk suddenly looked very sheepish, while Lance straight up “whoop!”’d to signify he agreed.

“Aw, thanks, Keith,” said Hunk, rubbing the back of his neck. “You too, Lance.”

“I actually… have no argument against that,” Pidge conceded, “You’re right. I can’t even be mad that you think he’s cuter than me, because you’re right.”

“I have to leave, right now, immediately,” said Hunk, who was terrible at taking compliments, “All this love you guys are giving me? It’s overwhelming, and I love all of you, so much. Thank you. I’m just. I’m overwhelmed.”

“You take as much alone time as you need,” said Lance, “We love you and we’re glad you’re taking care of yourself.”

Keith said, “Yep.” and they smiled at Hunk, and Pidge smiled at Hunk while nodding.

“Aw, thanks guys, I love you,” said Hunk, before going off to find a quiet place to scream because he loved his friends and they loved him so much and they never failed to remind him and sometimes he felt so full of love he was afraid his heart would actually explode.

Pidge was the one to continue the conversation after Hunk was gone, “Okay, now back to Keith calling us weak…”

“Y'all are weak,” said Keith again, and they shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s just facts, what you do with pizza crusts is what the weak do with pizza crusts.”

“Keith, have you ever seen an actual human being eat pizza before now?” Pidge asked, doing her best to feign genuine curiosity.

“I’m blocking you,” said Keith, “I’ll do it.”

“You don’t even have any social media to block her on.” Lance reminded them, and Keith smiled.

“That’s what the government wants you to think.”

“….omg,” said Pidge and Lance, simultaneously. The next day, they told Hunk, and they scoured the internet for any trace of Keith. Hunk suggested they just ask Keith, but Keith was having too much fun being needlessly elusive when they tried. They told Hunk in private and made him swear not to tell Lance or Pidge, and Hunk didn’t tell them. It was like he was a secret spy, but he had no idea whose side he was on.

They were all friends having a good time.