( I apologize in advance my bad english )

For felipone because she loves sylveon !!

( Sylveon DS by hopebiscuit )

Feli needs more attention, because she is extremely talented ! Please, follow her, send her kind messages, check her art and reblog them ( DO IT FOR MEEEE ), I’m sure her art will make you smile and Feli will be very happy~ ♥

She is VERYYYY kind and VERYYYY friendly, don’t be afraid to ask her anything or talk to her, she doesn’t bite heheh~

Feli, I’m very honored to be friend with you, I promise to never disappoint you and do my best on everything !!! Keep staying awesome you wonderful sylveon princess ! ♥ ♥ ♥

This bastards are securing their future, the future of their family. And you know they have everything planned out. Just like their tattoos.


almost exactly 1-year re-draw of iahfy's OC Nadia! 

iahfy has been an amazing influence on me, and i wouldn’t be where i am now without her. seeing her art originally inspired me to start drawing people and expanding my range. i remember seeing her work one summer when i was 13 and almost immediately it had an effect on my artistic growth, especially in drawing humans and faces. im so grateful for being able to spend so much time with her in the last 3 years and learning from her as an artist and as a friend. <3