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Don''t know why I just thought of this while writing but I love it. So ace!Matt, right? Who doesn't figure out that he's asexual until well into adulthood. He thought everyone was over exaggerating the like, actual desire & need for sex. It's not that he's repulsed by it or that he doesn't like it. He finds its about on par with just cuddling with his datemates, He'd rather spend the time talking or editing. He figures this out about 3 months into the ot8 coming together. (1/3)

Initially they’re all kind of cautious & unsure where they’re boundaries are with him now. Adam even has a mini panic attack over thinking that they might have had sex without Matt’s actual consent. He quickly shuts Adam down though & assures him that yes, he definitely does want to have sex with all of them. And yes he still enjoys it, no it doesn’t change much in their relationship he just wanted to make sure everyone knew. 

It takes a bit but they all realize that this is still their Matt. They get stronger from it. They cuddle a lot more. Matt still has sex with them and stuff but other times is more like “Eh, I’m good.“ They kiss him on his head and then run off to the bedroom.

Lawrence buys Matt an adorable little chef apron that says "Please do nothing to the cook” for Christmas. Matt chuckles when he sees it. 

this is the cutest best ace matt headcanon… i love this and accept this wholeheartedly

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She shuffles a bit closer, frowning as she notices his grin. Oh no. Frown turns into a pout and then — "Can I have a hug? /Please/."

    Now, the blond dragon slayer chuckled, the grin
turned into a softer one, a smile as he sighed and released his arms from another, just to meet the small body and he slung his muscular arms around the little girl, holding her, yet still smiling widely.



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*CanCam September issue is  AAA’s Misako Uno-san’s first appearance!!With the theme of 「もしもAAAの宇野ちゃんがTOKYOキレイめOLだったら…?」, transformed herself into an OL figure! 

You can see a fresh Uno-chan  …playing an entirely different image to her active role in AAA, like wearing glasses with a dress shirt and so on💓💓 In her latest solo photobook 『Bloomin’』,which has been recently released, it showcases her sexy beautiful women figure everyone longs for✨ 

Please definitely check both😆💓 #AAA #MisakoUno #CanCam #If you were an OL #Bloomin #I’m sorry it has construction noise😢 #great job on your Sendai performance!  #please do your best for tomorrows finale😆 💜@attackallaround7 💜@misako_uno_aaa*

Misako’s Twitter✯ & Misako’s Instagram❤️

*Finished being an OL, It was also very fun to be able to dress into 5pattern outfits💜*

Misako’s Twitter✯ & Misako’s Instagram❤️

*Aesthetic now on sale📗✨
@kawakitayusuke –san is the one responsible for the hair and makeup of the photobook, I came to love myself more with the lovely makeup💄✨
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