aaa bu i love you


…You can’t wave this in front of my face and not expect Akoya to be involved somehow. Even if he’s not, let’s see how this could relate on a symbolic level:

Beauty is Strength- A no brainer here. The self-confidence boost Akoya receives from his beauty is unparalleled. He’s already incredibly strong and his beauty only encourages him to stay strong when he’s feeling his weakest.

Beauty is Wit- Using his beauty as a distraction from the inevitability of discovering his last name is smart. People can admire and praise him without ever having to know him. Perfect for someone who trusts very little in people.

Beauty is a Sin- Naturally, being self-absorbed in any respect is grounds to much criticism, one Akoya has fully accepted. His obsession with it is his strength, but also one of controversy, but it makes him happy. And he will live with his black stained heart for it.

Beauty is Suffering- Being preoccupied with his beauty allows for Akoya to cope and work on making himself better when he’s feeling anxious with physical results. He can look at a mirror and admire the effort he’s put into himself, he can love himself a little bit even when he has no one else. 

However, he also goes to an all boys school where aestheticism is sorely unappreciated unless it is to attract a hoard of potential mates and is not a topic that his fellow peers will want to talk to him about. He, effectively, isolates himself for his protection, but at the cost of never being able to fully connect with someone because he gives off the initial impression of being a narcissist.

But, at least he’s still beautiful, right?