Prosecutors Office - As representatives of the state in criminal trials, prosecutors have a responsibility to the state to ensure that criminals are met with due punishment for their crimes.

Never forget who you are fighting for.

Hello again, have another short story! Sorry if my art is not the best <\3 
This time, I wanted to picture Athena and Simon during the seven years they spent fighting for each other: the only source of strenght they had was the thought of the other being safe, and their strong resolution to protect the one they so much cared about.


((Behold– ‘Classic’ AA styled Simon Blackquill talksprites!

To be completely honest, I’m unsure who drew the original sprite, as I cannot find a credit of this specific version. However, I will say that I did personally edit the waistcoat, hand, face, hair, and custom made the mouth animations.

I mainly made these because I need new dolls on my dA page, but honestly this could work for a whole lotta other things. Feel free to use as long as you credit!))


okay but
you don’t know how important this is.
the sole reason phoenix became an attorney was because of miles, because he wanted to help him. and after he was disbarred, phoenix didn’t try to get his badge back. why? because he had already fulfilled his dream, ya know? he helped miles. he saved miles. that was the sole reason he became an attorney and since he did, he didn’t have a reason to go back to being a lawyer, which is why he waited eight whole years to get his badge back. and what made him get it back?
miles needed his help. he asked for his help. for the second time, he once again became an attorney because miles needed help. literally the one and only reason he became a lawyer both times was because miles needed help.

i mean, honestly, just how gay can these two fucking be.