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☆☆☆ Collab with the talented @raynef-art​ !! ☆☆☆

Thank you for collaborating with me!! I loved coloring Simon (^v^)

They did Simon’s lineart and colored Athena, while I colored their Simon and did Athena’s lineart.☆


Prosecutors Office - As representatives of the state in criminal trials, prosecutors have a responsibility to the state to ensure that criminals are met with due punishment for their crimes.

  • Capcom: How can we make a more intimidating prosecutor?
  • Capcom: alright why not we make him super tall, a literal convict in jail for murder, with hawk-like markings on his face. Also he can literally create a slicing wind with his hands and can break out of his shackles any time he wants. He has a pet hawk who attacks people and literally threatens to kill people while prosecuting. He is the physical embodiment of the dark age of the law.
  • Fandom: lol what a nerd we love him

You know Apollo is perfectly fine doing his chords of steel since he was sent to Earth only to incarnate the “WTF is going on” way of life.

  • His father died in the middle of a Coup d'État, and he was just a random, innocent musician lol
  • His mother thought her baby was dead due to fire but actually he was saved by other person who thought she was dead, but actually she lost her memories lol
  • His stepfather was a top 1 criminal in his country and he was just a lawyer
  • Actually the only member of Wright Anything Agency that became a lawyer because liked it anyway
  • First case in court was defending a man he admires, but this same man trolled him a lot because he intended to show his mentor’s true colors and he was just caught in the middle of this mess
  • Punched the man he admires
  • First case at Wright Anything Agency was looking for his daughter’s pants
  • Rival prosecutor plays air guitar and won’t leave him alone
  • “Oh, no, boy, my former mentor again.”
  • Best friend left Earth to live permanently among the stars
  • Horns and forehead, all the time
  • Stepbrother will send him to hell
  • Stepfather is dead
  • Everyone he loves is dead
  • Challenged a queen to death and won
  • Is reforming a judicial system of an entire country