Looking after sparklings can get rough sometimes. I don’t remember exactly when I first got this crack, but uh, it’s not always been as noticeable.
Oh and it doesn’t help much that it’s right over where my mask would usually clip on-

Australian-first surgery on baby in womb

A mother and child are doing well after Australian-first spinal surgery on the baby while it was still in the womb.

The 24-week-old fetus was diagnosed with spina bifida, a condition that affects one in 2000 pregnancies in Australia, during an ultrasound.

Surgeons from Queensland’s Mater Hospital and Vanderbilt University Hospital in the US carried out the in-utero operation in Brisbane on Saturday.

Director of Mater’s maternal fetal medicine Glenn Gardener said the surgery went as well as could have been hoped and both mother and baby were OK.

Dr Gardener said while the surgery was not a cure for spina bifida, it did significantly improve the outcome for babies diagnosed with the condition.

Spina bifida is a serious birth defect that prevents a fetus’s spine and spinal cord from developing normally.

It can lead to paralysis and other complications and is normally treated with surgery once a baby is born.


-Fuckin’ Perfect by Pink
-You’re My Best Friend by Queen
-A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
-You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins
-Two Worlds by Phil Collins

-Surrender by Dropkick Murphys
-Without Question by Elton John
-Friends Never Say Goodbye by Elton John
-Hero by Skillet

-Die Young by Ke$ha
-Oh! Look at Me Now by Frank Sinatra
-The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & the News
-Te Amo y Mas by Diego Luna

-Defying Gravity Cover by Kerry Ellis
-The Best is Yet to Come by Michael Buble
-Don’t Let Me Die Still Wondering by Flogging Molly
-21 Guns by Green Day

-Some Nights by Fun
-Bastille by Pompeii
-My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
-Roar by Katy Perry
-Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

All Vehicons
-Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
-Firework by Katy Perry
-Immortals by Fall Out Boy
-Raise your Glass by Pink
-Seize The Day by Newsies OST

anonymous asked:

question about your last Vehicon story: I noticed for AA00 you used a singular they. Is AA00 gender fluid?

AA-00’s pronoun is ‘they’ because they think humans are stupid they don’t identify with either of our human genders. Their actual gender is Munidor. That’s right. Headcanon’d TF genders.
(if you’ve been following me for awhile you’ve been linked to that post at least fifty times :U sorry I’m not sorry I love Scobble’s three genders headcanon)
Problem is, English doesn’t have a pronoun for Munis so AA-00 just uses ‘they.’

So technically the answer is no, they do have a singular gender. It’s just not a human one.
Although, I really like having little hints about the Vehicons not quite grasping how human gender works in my story- hence a ‘Con called Wendy who uses ‘he’ or a ‘Con called Rudy who uses ‘she.’ So using ‘they’ for AA-00 just seemed to make sense for the character. Also, there virtually no characters who don’t use he or she pronouns so I thought I’d have that nice little bit of inclusion… even if explaining it away like this makes it not so inclusive anymore… Also AA-00 is kind of an asshole anyway so you probably don’t wanna relate to them… soooooo I might’ve mucked that up…
oops. sorry. :U

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Has AA-00 ever actually gotten into serious trouble from the higher ups?

Yes, they’ve been disciplined before. Mostly just when they or the Vehicons fail to deliver on an important mission. AA-00 usually takes the blame for when that happens. Not because of any self-sacrificing nonsense, but because they prefer to discipline the Vehicons in their own more effective way, not in the violent, sociopathic way that Megatron seems to enjoy.

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I don't want to be That Person - but I've actually noticed quite a few authors on both ffnet and AO3 use your Vehicon command structure (in particular AA-00) in their fics. Is this okay to do? (all honesty here, i'm also asking for myself, because i've had a fic brewing in my head for a while and your vehicon command structure makes /sense/ in ways I would want to use)

????? are people are writing things with AA-00 in them??? oh my gosh that is FANTASTIC and 9000% OKAY WITH ME. And yeah dude, I’m super okay with people using my Vehicon structures. They are for sharing, after all. And all I ask is links so i can read it. Links please I NEED LINKS :U

ps those of you interested, THIS is my Vehicon structure in excruciating detail with examples and junk

minicon-remix-deactivated201509  asked:

Would AA-00 even blink at Five Nights are Freddy's?

Doubtful. AA-00 has to deal with more insane, scary bullshit on a daily basis than that security guard does… Like Megatron. And Starscream.
Also, they would probably find the idea of a human being murdered by a bunch of animatronics to be highly amusing.

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11 for AA-00

11. What is the mun’s favorite feature?

My favorite thing about AA-00…? Hmmmm.
Well, it’s really fun writing AA-00 because they’re just angry all the time. And they yell a lot and are just generally unpleasant to be around. But while I write, I keep in mind that their top priority is always the safety of their Vehicons. So all that anger and strictness is their version of “tough love.” AA-00 just wants you to stay out of trouble so you don’t get BLOWN UP YOU IDIOTS!! NOW GET BACK TO WORK!
Hehh. Yeah. So I like that AA-00 acts as parent to all the Vehicons. The mean parent that you don’t go to when you want something. The kind that makes you bounce a quarter off your sheets and goes over your dusting job with a white glove. That’s my AA-00~