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aa, my name is Phoenix ! :>

Hi Phoenix! I think you have a pretty cool name.

Perfect - Emma Blackery

Hush - miss A

One Girl Revolution [Battle Mix] - Superchic(k)

Embers - Owl City

No Matter Where You Are - The Book of Life Soundtrack

Island Song - Adventure Time

Sweets Parade - Inu x Boku ss

I don’t have a song that starts with x, sorry! (*/ω\*)

Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters! (▰˘◡˘▰)

~ Muffy. ♥

Things I’ve noticed about the kitten:

1. She does somersaults down the hallway, especially when she’s darting really fast and can’t stop (she does this herself, btw).

2. She tends to do most of said somersaults on the bed, from pillow to pillow.

3. Because of 1 & 2, she greatly reminds me of Dan from Street Fighter.

4. Don’t try to take her toy mouse away because she’ll fight to the death (by way of biting and clawing) for it back.

I think I like her (tho not as much as Luna). :3 yay.

1. My phone’s screen bit the dust. :/ Going to attempt to get it repaired tomorrow/later today (whatever). If that fails, I guess I get to buy a new phone (which I don’t want to do ‘cause 1. money, 2. I really liked this phone).

2. Mom suggested I play ToTT to ‘cheer’ myself up. I forgot I began the day with the cooking festival (which I hate, so I was like, ‘yay kthx’ haha). My team consisted of my character (Phillip), Yun and Reina. Bluebell’s was Ash, Cam and Cheryl. The cucumber namul I made had 3 stars and I thought that Yun (being a cook) would have made something stellar too. :3


Someone (I like to think MAYBE Reina?) made a failed dish along with a subpar dish. 

Cam, Ash and Cheryl? Someone made a good dish (maybe Cam?) and two subpars.

GUESS WHO WON?! x__x; (if you guessed the sheep whisperer and his clerk little sister with a brother complex along with their fabulously fab florist, LOL yes wtf. D:)

… . 

But the upside? D:

3. My mom’s friends (the same with the baby goat) bought a smart TV. I’ve been laughing my ass off for the past couple of hours listening to them go “OH MY GOSH it can do THAT?! WOW” and watching them fiddle with the remote. My throat now hurts and I reallyreallyREALLY want to either draw or work on my fanfics/original fiction but I can’t think… X.x; Hah.

Silver linings? Check. =P