Top 10 Onodera x Takano moments

So, I made a Top 10 Dantalion x William moments a few weeks back, and ever since then it got me thinking that I wanted to make a top for my favorite couple in all of fiction as well. Takano and Onodera mean a lot to me, because I just love their relationship so damn much. I love the way it’s portrait, I love the slow buildup, I love the way the characters are handles, … and they just looks so damn gorgeous together (exhibit A is above XD). So, yeah, this list will be purely me being a fangirl and squealing a lot… hope you enjoy XD

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PM tidbits and Q and A compilation 3

Some PM character related questions which were left unanswered for a while in tumblr, dA and FB 
(We’re thinking of compiling these questions to the PM/SSAF tumblr blog related character tidbits. We will try to update more after we answered the rest of the questions  )


>Turnabout PM cup sizes (Please include V-chan)
  • Mercury-girl: A
  • V-chan: AA
  • E-chan(?): ?????????
  • Mars-girl: C
  • Jupiter-girl: C
  • Saturn-girl: B/C
  • Uranus-girl: B
  • Neptune-girl: C
  • Pluto-girl: B
  • Lady Sol: D
  • Sirius A -girl: C
  • Sirius B -girl: D

>Does Sirius B remember his Red Giant stage?

As I’ve said before, the Planetary Nebula stage (the transition of Red Giant to White Dwarf Star) represent their memories fading away.
They will become ‘younger’ in appearance without any memory of their past. Sirius B may be seeing parts of his past ,but as of the current storyline,
Sirius A isn’t telling him much.

>Does Uranus love Neptune?

…All I could say is that he is quite fond of him–

>Pluto and Sol?
And is Pluto yandere?

I’m giving him the warmness and friendship of the big bro from time to time.!
All I can say is that he has a more outspoken inner self.

>Singing voices of the Planets?
  • Mercury- Husky woman-like type
  • Venus- High and slightly raspy
  • Earth- Can seem to sing in a female and male range
  • Mars- Adam Levine– //kidding
  • Jupiter- Heavenly operatic tenor kind
  • Saturn- Screamo and Deathmetal-ish
  • Uranus- Deep whispery type ikemen voice
  • Neptune- Slightly nasally and higher than Uranus; prone to stuttering

>Has Mars discovered anything unusual on Earth’s 'gifts’?

Those are definitely NOT camera lens! Not at all, haha, move along~
……………..he bought it.

>I’ve read somewhere that Moon’s surface and Mercury’s look similar.

Luna’s shocked to hear that she and Mercury have the similar body type haha
…or is that Mercury’s scream I’m hearing…

>Alter!Planet names?

Yeah. Someone suggested me before about using the Greek names and I kinda find them interesting.

>Is Jupiter’s great Red Spot somewhere in his clothing?

…I-it’s part of his body; in his southern hemisphere.

>How to tell the differences between different celestial bodies and other characters in PM/SSAF


Complete Profile: Tsunemori Akane  ・  常守 朱 Codename Shepherd 1 + Tsunemori Aoi

Just to remind you, this profile is a combination of the one from Official Profiling 1 and the one from Official Profiling 2 respectively. I translated both and combined them to make one complete profile. This being said, there is basic info, updated info and new info. An example of updated info is desired item section. There are new sections like favorite type of girls/men and character preferences and background related questions. The info is sorted by date: November 2112 and July 2116, spoilers-free. Lol, Akane’s views on marriage are just so… lol.

ID: 00475-AECJ-30157-1

Kanji name: 常守 朱

Romaji Name: Tsunemori Akane

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Division 1

Occupation: Inspector

Date of birth: April 1, 2092

Age: 24

Blood type: A

Physical Examination: N/A

Former address: Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Ochanomizu 2-25-KH

Current address: Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Shin-Toyosu, 2-5-5301

Emergency contact’s address: Chiba-ken Chiba-shi, Shin-Mihama-ku, Isobe 1032-t

Tsunemori Shouichi (relation: father)

[Education and Career]

March 2108 ・ Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Shin-Hongou Junior High School (general education curriculum)

April 2108 ・ Entered Tokyo Metropolitan Shin-Hongou High School, Faculty of Natural Science, Major in Psychology

March 2112 ・ Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Shin-Hongou High School, Faculty of Natural Science, Major in Psychology

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