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You said you played the first ace attorney game? Could you draw Ema Skye? (Also I'm so excited for you to play the other games especially 4)

em skye, the science bi

i don’t know anything, i know. but bear with me.

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Relationship Status: Single and i dont rly mind tbh :’) i feel like dating would give me way too much anxiety rn anyways

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick !

Last Movie I Watched: Tangled Before Ever After (its rly good btw oml)

Last Song I Listened to: Divinity by Porter Robinson

Top 3 Shows/Dramas/Anime: Steven Universe, Yuri!!! on Ice and The Amazing World of Gumball !!

Top 3 Characters: Garnet (SU), Nicole (TAWOG) and Phichit (YOI)

Top 3 Ships: Victuuri, Rupphire, and (not from one of the shows i listed) Starco (from Star vs the Forces of Evil)

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You know what? While I’m here, honestly Love Like You kills me every time no matter what the context, but yeah thinking about a general JFA-era Edgeworth with extra narumitsu flavor just leaves me DEAD AND BURIED.