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Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.

Ritsu Headcanons

had to rewrite these like 3 times cuz tumblr decided to have a mental breakdown

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • *softly, but with a lot of feeling* “what the fuck
    • swears far too much for a 13 year old kid and he knows it
      • he never swears around his parents and rarely swears around Mob though
    • reigen will get this Look on his face whenever Ritsu swears around him so Ritsu stares him down, challenging him to say anything
  • has a Bad tendency to bottle up how he feels, kind of sort of like Mob
    • but, unlike Mob, he at least know what’s feeling? he just… basically values other people’s Mob’s emotions over his own
      • side effect of tiptoeing around Mob and fearing what would happen if he got too stressed out
    • so he usually just comes off as really bitter instead of how he’s actually feeling
  • holds grudges like you wouldn’t believe
    • oh what’s that? you don’t remember that one, super insignificant thing you did to him in 1st grade? well ritsu does and he doesnt forgive you
  • secretly spends hours in the morning styling his hair
  • is pretty caring, actually, but doesn’t express it in an in your face, obvious way
  • shows he cares through small gestures
    • like running to the store to buy milk for mob, or making sure he finishes his homework/offering to help him, or letting you rant about whatever is on your mind
    • only does this for Shou and Mob, though. You have to earn his trust first
      • even then he has trouble admitting that he cares for someone Shou basically
  • a list of people ritsu would take a bullet for: Mob and Shou
    • Teru might be close to being on that list but ritsu is skeptical of that guy
  • tells it how it is. Blunt as fuck. doesn’t hold back
    • “Hanazawa, your taste in music is nearly as bad as your fashion sense.”
    • “Please get a haircut, Shou. You honestly look like Bart Simpson and it’s unnerving.” toe to tip, thats a bart
    • “Reigen–” “Not today, Ritsu.”
  • doesn’t actually stay up all night like Shou thinks. Goes to sleep at  consistent time (unless he’s waiting for Mob to come home)
    • what he does is, before he goes to bed every night, he turns Shou’s ringtone loud enough so that, when Shou gets bored/lonely and texts him at 2 in the morning, it’ll wake him up
  • very considerate of Shou’s feelings, even though he rolls his eyes at him a lot and always pretends to be annoyed with him sometimes he’s not pretending though
  • probably cries when watching movies where the dog dies
  • always has at least one spoon on his person for some reason?
    • please don’t ask why he has no explanation
    • also dont tease him about it he gets enough of that from Teru
  • the most intense resting bitch face this world has ever seen
    • looks like he’s plotting murder when he’s deep in thought
      • “Ritsu, what are you thinking about? You look really angry.” “oh I’m just trying to decide on what we should have for lunch, bro.”
  • he’s really not used to physical affection
    • hugs and hand holding and. well, anything
    • that’s why Shou is a huge shock because that kid seems incapable of keeping his hands to himself
    • everyone thought that ritsu would lash out at Shou but he actually just kind of. Lets Shou hang off of him
      • he rests his head on his shoulder, puts his legs on his lap, sits so close to him Shou is practically sitting on Ritsu, has an arm wrapped around his shoulders whenever they walk together
    • Ritsu doesnt really encourage it, but he doesnt push him away either
      • but in reality ritsu fucking loves it. He loves hugs and affection but doesnt know how to take it
        • this kid needs hugs someone hold him