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hullo, i’m gonna be attending fanime at table 316 in the artist alley!

i’ve got new animal crossing x tamagotchi charms, dangly necklaces, way too many vinyl stickers, new prints in varying sizes and a lot more

i’ll also be offering sketch commissions that’ll be finished during the con, so please stop by and take a look!

A really quick pretty russian lady cause I’ll be away all weekend BEING ON A CON WHOO HOO!



i’m going to have it open for about a week, then i’m putting it back on hiatus while i gather new merch and scoot up to canada for FanExpo

i’ve got limited quantities of everything listed, and some merch missing altogether because i ran out at AX. i’ve also temporarily removed my larger prints because they need new photos.


i’m offering little mystery gift bags for anyone who orders $50 worth of merch before shipping costs are applied! they’ll contain about 10 dollars worth of new and old stickers and pins.

thanks for lookin!

like ok we were talking about the introduction of the Gay Keychains ™ and it occurred to me how battered nick’s was (bc okay yes it’s nick) compared to miles’s pristine one, my god

basically miles’s keychain hasn’t stayed this clean and polished all these years because he spends time taking care of it, but rather because he was once a nine-year-old boy squeezing it in his fist until his knuckles went white because it was his only link to the past he probably wasn’t even sure had been real at times, nick, his dad, everything

and he hasn’t really let it go since, keeping it in his pocket, fiddling with it whenever he feels any kind of uncertainty coming on, only a faint reminder now of what it used to feel like, friendship and family and warmth, until he meets nick again and deals with it in the stupidest possible way, and can later be found sitting in his office staring at a toy like the incredibly gay egg he is

James Cassells smut!!!

You’re on tour with AA as a merch girl & have been cheekily flirting with James Cassells between shows.

One thing leads to another

“(Y/N) love, when are you going to let me see what’s underneath those shorts?” James asked with a snarky smile on his face. Ben was standing next to him having a beer smirking, waiting to see what come back you had for him. This was your day to day with asking alexandria, being a cute merch girl meant being hit on constantly but in this case you didn’t mind it since James was your favourite & the 2 of you had been going back & forth for a couple weeks.
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, love..” You mocked his accent with a wink as you walked to the bar of the after party to get a drink.
“You think she’s serious?” James asked Ben as he drank from his beer.
“For your sake, I hope so mate.” Ben answered. You brushed passed them on your way back to the group, fruity cocktail in hand. You were trying to ignore James, although it was hard considering his tall form & sexy smirk as he eyed you from a distance. You decided you’d play with him a bit tonight & then see where things went. He watched as you danced with a couple of girls you had befriended, moving your hips & planting playful kisses on your drunken new bff’s. One dipped low in front of you & started grinding against you as you watched James watching you as he bit his lower lip; there was no denying the sultry look in your eyes so he finished his beer & walked toward you.
“Mind if I cut in?” He asked your friend & she laughed & stepped aside. You began grinding against James with his hands hugging your hips. The harder you pressed into him the harder he pressed into you. His hands were gripping your sides tightly & you could feel his bulge through his jeans so you turned around & brushed your lips over his jawline and breathed
“Wanna get out of here?”
“Thought you’d never ask.” He replied as he took your hand & rushed you through the sea of people & out the back door of the club.
Suddenly you were being pushed against the building while James showered you with kisses to the neck & collarbone. Your lips met & sent electric shocks through your bodies, you put your arms around his neck & grabbed at his hair pulling you closer into a deeper kiss. His hands palmed down your body stopping for a moment to squeeze your ass before scooping your legs up & carrying you to the bus.
“Fuck (y/n), you’ve no idea what you’re in for!” He said dropping you on the couch in the back lounge. You kissed him desperately as you pulled at his jacket, you wanted this & you wanted it now. He took off his jacket & kissed you as his hand drifted down your chest to the hem of your shirt, he pulled it up & unbuttoned your shorts rubbing your slit through your lacy panties.
“Mmm James,” you moaned as he kissed at your neck & continued the motion.
He was turning you into a puddle & you weren’t even naked yet, between kisses & moans you started taking your shirt off. He balled it up & through it before taking his own off.
“Lose the pants.” He commanded. You slid them the rest off the way off before getting on your knees & unbuttoning his; you pulled them down & palmed him through his boxers before pulling those off as well. Grasping his hardness you lingered licking the tip & letting your tongue explore his length. He groaned as you unexpectedly bobbed down, taking him nearly all the way with the first suck. You continued alternating between stroking his shaft & taking long deep sucks as he grabbed at your hair guiding you deeper & deeper until you tasted a bit of precum & stopped.
“Ah ah ah, not just yet cassells.” You say as you kiss the tip one last time.
He guides you up by the chin & kisses you as he disposes of your bra & slides off your panties. Pushing you back onto the couch he leans on top of you kissing & sucking at your breasts & neck as he rubs at your clit. You moan approvingly as he thrusts a finger in & pushes back & forth. He adds a 2nd & quickens the pace, driving you crazy as you cling to him, one hand at the back of his neck while the other strokes his shaft.
“I…I need you, wanna fuck you so bad..” You say through your ecstasy.
He kisses a trail down your chest before sitting up & stroking himself a couple times, you’re rubbing at your clit slightly before he enters you, filling your tight pussy up.
“My god (y/n), you’re so damn tight!” He said as he thrust into you. You match him thrust for thrust clawing at his back. He grips your hair at the nape tightly forcing your back to arch as you let out a slight scream.
“You like that?!”
“Mhm, so good” you gasp out reaching your hand up to grab him by the hair & kiss him. You writhe underneath him reaching your climax, clenching tightly around his member. He lifts you up so you’re riding him sat upright. You rock your hips grinding down into him.
“(Y/N) fuck.” He groans out. You quicken the pace until your both panting & close. He grips at your hair again as he releases inside you. He kisses at your neck & chest as you both comedown from the ecstasy. You slide off him & throw on his top as you run to the bathroom to clean up. He sits there catching his breath & lights a cig.
“By far some of the best sex I’ve ever had.” He says as you sit down next him, he slides his arm around you.
“Not bad for a drooma” you mock him as he passes you the cig & you hit it. He rolls his eyes at you & kisses you on the cheek.


Hi everyone I’m excited to announce that I’ll be selling these Edgeworth and Phoenix Ace Attorney rubber straps!  

Size: Approx. H50mm
Material: soft PVC  
Price: $12USD each
International shipping: $3USD for 1-2 straps | $7.5USD for 3 or more (w/o tracking)
Payment methods: Paypal

TO BUY: please email leo22334455@gmail.com and include your name/paypal/ shipping address in the email. I will reply with a total asap!

*Signal boosts appreciated!*

Travel Tips for Conventions

So, I don’t know if any of you know, but my husband was a traveling salesman and I did lead generation, so I was also purely commission-based and had to travel a lot. I think a lot of things we learned can easily apply to artists going to conventions, and are all things that I will personally be applying to my experience when I go to my first conventions starting in 2017. Some of this is stuff that’ll save you money, some that will save you patience/well-being, etc. I might be wrong and some of it might not even make a difference for you, but I think they’re worth reading (otherwise, I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing it all. lol)

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internally and eternally screaming about AA merch

like has anyone even seen the official Capcom AA store

thats it. thats all there is. thats the extent of the official Ace Attorney merchandise

the reason they’re not making any money isn’t because no one is buying their games

if you want the good merch you gotta get on Redbubble or Society6 or something like that but there’s no way they can keep it like this after they get a bunch of new fans when the anime comes out

petition for Ace Attorney merch in Hot Topic