aa megami sama

Seeing OMG in comic shops was part of growing up so hearing it finally end was weird.

Luckily, the library has a full run of Dark Horse’s release sitting on the shelf so I finally decided to start it from the beginning.

I didn’t think I’d love it because of the episodic nature (can’t even finish the TV anime). However, the characters being one big crazy family is ridiculously sweet. Plus, all these color pages in the re-release is awesome.

It makes me wonder what the omnibus will be like.


Animanga alphabet ;
Aa ! Megami Sama  (Kōsuke Fujishima)

Keiichi Morisato is a good-natured, yet hapless and girlfriend-less college sophomore whose life takes a turn to the unexpected when he accidentally calls the Goddess Technical Help Line and a beautiful goddess named Belldandy materializes in his room. She tells him that her agency has received a system request from him, so she has been sent to grant him a single wish. Skeptical and thinking someone is playing a practical joke on him, he wishes that she stay with him forever, and to his surprise, his wish is granted.Unable to live with Belldandy in his male-only dorms, Keiichi is forced to look for an alternative shelter, eventually seeking cover in an old Buddhist temple and allowed to stay there indefinitely after the young monk living there leaves on a pilgrimage to India upon being impressed by Belldandy’s intrinsic goodness. Keiichi’s life with Belldandy becomes even more hectic when her elder sister Urd and her younger sister Skuld also descend from heaven to live with them, leading him to a series of adventures among gods, demons and other supernatural entities as his relationship with Belldandy develops.