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It has come to my attention that there is a crucial part of One Directions legendary 2012 performance in Frisco that is being sorely overlooked. 

We all know this day as the day Louis and Harry fucked in Frisco. It gave us some amazing gifs of both Harry and Louis totally blissed out and wrecked.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

But this is where it gets even better. They performed at a baseball stadium that day.

This stadium is home to the Texas Rangers AA minor league team the FRISCO ROUGH RIDERS. 


As further confirmation of where they played (lets be real: as an excuse to include this GIF): Look past Louis pants situation to the back of the room, see the logo on the chair. Yep that is the Rough Riders logo.

So to sum it up: Harry and Louis totally fucked in Frisco and they did it in the stadium of a team whose mascot is the Rough Riders.  And if you can’t find the humor in that than I don’t know what to say.