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Who waited for V-Rod interview after AA in Cluj 2017 :D she's on fire :DDD rsport(.)ru/artist_gym/20170421/1119409986(.)html

YASSS thank you!!!! I was looking forward to reading that hahahh. Vrod always delivers, she is the one Russian to never disappoint!

So she’s outraged with the judging (and I expected nothing else lmao), and they feel Elena deserved bronze. I don’t get what she means, but she says Eremina was in third and then dropped to fourth all of a sudden and they don’t understand why. Or something like that. She acknowledged they made many mistakes on beam and she will speak about it/analyze it later.

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(whispers) please tell us more of your headcanons about the differences between mcu!tony and 616!tony.

ok one of my favorites is that when buying valentine’s day gifts for their SO, 616 is a “deep red velvety roses” person and mcu is a “this box contains 25 chocolate units that taste like cheesecake” person. both 616 and mcu would return to the store to buy the option they didn’t go for (616 returns for the chocolate, mcu returns for the roses) but 616 gets to the store quicker because he didn’t get distracted by the prospect of ordering a custom-made dollhouse made entirely out of gingerbread

a Serious Enemy is sitting on a table across the room. mcu is the one flaying the guy alive with brute staring power, 616 thinks mcu is being indiscreet but he constantly uses the front camera on his phone to “check his hair” while angling it to catch glimpses of Enemy and he also already bugged their table probably

mcu tony is more known for making kids laugh (funny faces as soon as he makes eye contact with any toddler? yes), 616 tony is more known for being able to track down any weeping child within a sixteen mile radius and then kneeling down to their eye level and asking “hey buddy what’s wrong”

mcu: “holy shit”
616: “good lord”

mcu: “capsicle” “reindeer games” “pointbreak”
616: all of those, but also: “o caesar” (unironically, like it’s Cool)

(both mcu and 616 would make a sword in the stone reference re: lifting mjolnir and aou is full of shit)

mcu: inspirational movie quotes during serious interviews
616: AA mantras and sayings in casual conversation

Jerk coworker is rude to an old lady because he wants to leave early.... I make him stay late.

When I was 16 I worked at a bakery/cafe, specifically in the bakery section.  I sold pastries and made the drinks, and other people manned the actual sandwich/soup/salad area.  We all worked very well together, had good managers, and had our lunch rush or closing cleanup routine down.

Then there was him.  I’ll call him AA, because he had a name that started with A and was also an asshole.  And he probably could’ve used AA.  At his interview he put on a very professional front, and seemed to me at first to be a pretty nice guy.  I noticed his asshole-ness slower than others, because I worked in the bakery and he was on line.  But here are a list of his crimes:

~Not wearing gloves ~Not changing gloves when he should have ~Smoking in the cafe ~Snapping at customers (even the nice ones) ~Lying to customers ~Hitting on the 16/17 year old employees (he was about 23), which included me ~Generally saying dickish things

It’s been too long for me to give any actual quotes except for this gem.  "You know that soda’ll kill you" AA tells me as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

And somehow the managers NEVER saw any of his bad behavior.

Now after he worked there about three weeks, he was on a closing shift with me.  It’s looking to be pretty standard.  I close down the bakery, in my lonely isolated bakery bubble, while two people close down the food line and one person cleans the dining room.  

About five minutes before closing, a nice elderly lady comes in wanting to order a salad.  She wants it for here– that’s not a problem.  The only thing we can’t do while she’s in the cafe is mop or vaccuum the dining room, which we don’t do until the last twenty minutes of closing anyway.  And she’s alone, ordering half a salad, and sure to eat quick.  Just as I’m about to finish her order, AA pops up behind my shoulder.

AA: “Oh, ma'am, you can’t order in, we’re closed.”

Me: “We’re not closed yet, it’s fine.”

AA: “We can’t start cleaning until she leaves.”

Me, holding back an eye roll: “Yes we can, we just can’t vaccuum–”

AA proceeds to pressure this little old lady into taking her order to go, when she would clearly like her salad now.  I awkwardly apologize as we finish the order, and I give her a free pastry since we’re closing anyway.  (They get donated, not thrown away, btw)

When the nice old lady leaves, I fix AA with a death stare.  He shrugs and asks “What?  Don’t you wanna go home early?”  I was seriously mad.  I remembered his hitting on me, his lying to a customer (which is a story for another day), and his general dickishness.  I say simply “You’re an asshole” and turn to my closing duties.  AA does the general douchey “Oooooooooh” but doesn’t press further.

The hour passes.  The cafe is clean.  I look over at the other line worker doing her last cleaning of the appliances.  I look at the wetspots from the mop on the floor, drying.  I wish that I could somehow make AA stay longer.  And then it hits me.  The new manager is on tonight.

Oh, that new manager.  That new manager who does everything by the book and doesn’t care about staying late.  That new manager who does the closing thing that no other manager does– make us scrub the floor before we mop it.  It takes 15 minutes, not counting the sweeping and mopping.

I look at the other line worker, whose duties don’t include the floor.  She can go home.  The dining room worker is done.  I’m done.   The manager has been in the office counting the day’s profits.  He doesn’t know if we’ve mopped.  

I grab a slice of bread from the donation bag.  I step over to the now-dry floor of line.  I crumple the bread and let it fall.  I step on it a few times to make it look like it’s been there a while.  I grab a slice of lettuce.  I grab a bit of onion.  I grab a crouton and crush it.  All while keeping the counters and appliances absolutely pristine.

I step back to my bakery and start putting out the clean trays and labels for the morning shifters.  Then I hear the manager’s voice.   “(other line worker), you’re good.  (Dining room worker), you’re good.   AA– Did you do the floors?”

AA: “Yeah, of course.”

Manager: “Why don’t you take a closer look.”

I can’t look, I’ll give myself away.  I hear AA spluttering.  Manager: “Clean the floors, then you can go.”

AA is still spluttering.  "I– can I just sweep?“

Manager: "Seriously?  No.  Sweep, scrub, mop.  Then you can go home.”

My heart is pounding as I hear the manager approach me.  I’ve just finish putting the labels in the correct places.  "Delanium, looks good.  You can go home.“

16 year old me couldn’t believe I’d gotten away with it.  I smiled at the manager, clocked out, and asked about last night’s episode of a show.  We chatted for a few minutes and I watched out the corner of my eye as AA scrubbed the floors, looking utterly defeated.  I left before he was finished.

Tl;dr: My coworker was a first class douche, and when he pressured an old lady into ordering out so he could leave early, I sabotaged his closing so he could stay late.

Edit: I’ve been on Reddit about four days, and this seriously makes me feel good.  I made my own front page, lol.  And for anyone who is curious, AA was ultimately fired for sexual harassment and banned from all chains of the cafe, or from any restaraunts affiliated with the parent company.

Edit: Given a few comments, I feel the need to say that the old lady ordering 5 minutes before closing was not an inconvenience.  She wanted half a sald– that takes 90 seconds to make and 5-20 minutes to eat.   She would not have inconvenienced us unless she sat there for 45 minutes eating her salad.  AA was out of line.  Even if you STILL think the old lady was rude, remember that AA had it coming long before this.