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And then John says, “You are by far the most annoying human in this hallway.” Then he tilts Timo’s chin and kisses him.

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top 5 favorite blogs?

aa you know what ima make this a follow forever// i don’t follow many but i lov you all!! bold are mutuals! ♡


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just bc hes weird and has weird interests doesnt mean he cant care about his friends w his whole entire heart!!! he doesnt like lowbloods but he makes legs for tavros anyways because he knows tavros is a good person!!!! he doesnt think seadwellers have any authority but guess what!! he listens to feferi because the other trolls respect her!! he practically worships the caste above him but he never does anything to make gamzee uncomfortable!! i love equius i lvoe him so much hes doing his best aa

one of my favorite equius conversations is the one where he shamelessly blackflirts with gamzee