aa employee

Shout out to Liza K. In my anatomy class for being the first person in real life that I knew to wear American Apparel and talk about it in 10th grade. She’s the reason I started shopping there in the first place before anyone else. Shout out to Jackie G. exgirlfriendclub “I work at American Apparel” video on YouTube for inspiring me to work there and move to New York from Florida. Shout out to Michelle T. For working at our local American Apparel while in high school for influencing my style and my desire to get a job there! And shout out to Brooke for being the first AA employee to be nice to me (and my brother) when we were customers, you were so happy and nice, my brother remembers how nice you were to this day and that was like 5 years ago. Aaaaaaaand shout out to my boss for hiring me at American Apparel it was the best thing to ever happen to me