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i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day


OKAY SO I DIDN’t plan for thi s pic to turn out like what it is it was literally supposed to be a super fast drawing b ut instead something went wrong and i spent the whole day on it Now i am dead BUT

IT’S BIG TOLL SON’S BIRTHDAY AND I, ASS A PROUD PARENT, h ad to do something. happy birthday my big son, i’m so proud of you and your growth andn i jsut…. sssjbesfhekf……. happy birthday my big angle


Wild Guns Reloaded / ワイルドガンズリローデッド (PS4 - NatsumeAtari - 2016)
Part 3: sprite sheets

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Part 1: illustrations by Shunichi Taniguchi
Part 2: Concept art
Wild Guns / ワイルドガンズ (cover art by Shunichi Taniguchi)


Going thru some things. With my family and my education. I cried a lot. I opened the Qu'ran once and then twice both times I got these verses.


“And we removed from you your burden. Which had weighed upon your back. And raised high for you your repute. For indeed, with hardship will be ease. Indeed with hardship will be ease.”

SubhanAllah I’m in tears. Allah hu akbar.

Keep me in your du'aas guys please.
Hm, lagi

Banyak yang nanya ke Ade’, kenapa Ade’ datangnya telat Aa’. Padahal ga ada kata telat ya Aa’ yang ada itu, ga datang sama sekali. Iya kan A’?

Aa’, Ade’ mau berangkat nih. Baru banget sampe Bandara. Ga, Ade’ ga sendiri. Ade’ sama istrinya Abang.

Kita ketemu disana ya Aa’. 10 jam dari sekarang. Sambut Ade’ yaa Aa’.

Lima tahun yang lalu, Aa’ senyum langsung mau salaman sama Ade’. Bahagianya masih ada sampe sekarang Aa’.

See you, Love.

Cengkareng, Maret 17 2017

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Because of customers being rude when asked their name for an order. I was at a place where anything they said instead was written up and then they were called out with this. And if they did not react to it, their order was called out "Mr(s) 'swearword' with order xyz and extra abc, no aa added, please retrive your order". It was policy(good as defense), but honestly the owners just had a good way to teach rude customers some manners.