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 I DREW MY CLOSEST INTERNET FRIENDS !!!!! w the inclusion of me on the bottom right

I wanted to draw all of you because you mean so much to me, those who have been with me for years and those who have for a few months now! thank you all for being so wonderful, ilu<3

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Ahhh I finally got to sit down and draw this! ;a; Thank you so much for sending me these aa//// I REALLY LIKED YOUR IDEA OF ANGEL!NIJIMURA AND AKASHI BEING A HOT DEMON PRINCE. awyes. I hope this is something that looks like it ^q^!!!

//hugs you a lot; but really; thank you so much ;v;



HEY I need a new tablet and computer for school so here we gooooo

Here are some more examples, if you want something like another drawing I’ve done but it isn’t shown in this post feel free to ask for it anyway. Otherwise, it’ll look something like that first example up there


  • Animals (this includes characters from sonic, star fox, ect…)
  • Mild nudity
  • Original characters and fan art
  • Weapons / character items
  • I’ll try my best at mech and furry, ask me about it!
  • I may also simplify designs that I find too detailed!


  • NSFW / major nudity
  • Major gore

If you’re interested, you can send me an email at crispybusiness@hotmail.com. I’ll be using Paypal for payments! 

Please include your URL and try to be specific about what you would like to see in the picture (pose, action, expression, etc…) in the email. Also, have reference ready for any ocs!

If you have any other questions, you can send ‘em through my askbox!



i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

hero-monoma  asked:

okay ready the joke is my art ;P

u      D  A    R  E    ? ? ? 

anonymous asked:

modern or AU both are good just as long as it's something with plot please

okay two other people asked for porn so i’ll make this ask plot centered and you can look at those asks (x x) if you’d like PWP


One The Other one of my all time faves, SO long but oh man it’s worth it

The Veretion Flytrap  a/b/o but even if thats not your thing i suggest giving it a try, it’s basically an alternative version of the books and it’s a fantastically done laurent pov

Courts, Crowns, and A Little Game of Chess definitely the best courting fic i’ve come across. this is exactly how i imagine the whole “i would court you with all the grace and courtesy you deserve” would have went.

Love Of The Second Star this sort of lost me towards the end but i really loved the majority of it and i know it’s a fan favorite, so you’ll probably like it. i really loved the idea of it.

Pierced one shot, laurent and auguste, so many FEELINGS

When The Time Comes  laurent talking to auguste and nicaise’s ghosts before the trial in KR. CANNOT STRESS HOW EMOTIONAL THIS MAKES ME


Hardest Of Hearts  damen is a stripper/pornstar, need i say more?

i haven’t come across too many modern fics that i’m crazy about but idratherhaveyou is huge in the fandom and she has four modern fics that are quite popular, so check them out!

I ACTUALLY HIT THIS MILESTONE A WHILE AGO BUT I WAS ITCHING TO MAKE A GRAPHIC SO HERE YOU GO!!!!!! while i’ve been in the pokerp community for a while i’m still meeting more and more wonderful people, both in and out of the fandom!!!! thank you for following this blog, and thank you for putting up with looker ; v ;

here’s a fantabby list of folk you should follow!!!

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[!]Two more contestants have been announced for KBS’ new survival show!

Left: Jeong Hoik is a former member of AA (boy group active between 2011-2014). 

Right: Shin Seong Hoon is a former member of MAX (boy group active in 2013). 


Wild Guns / ワイルドガンズ (Super Famicom - Natsume - 1994)

Artist: Shunichi Taniguchi / 谷口 俊一

See also:
Wild Guns Reloaded (chara-design + illustrations by Shunichi Taniguchi)



Wild Guns Reloaded /  ワイルドガンズリローデッド (PlayStation 4 - NatsumeAtari - 2016) Part 1

Illustrations + chara-design: Shunichi Taniguchi / 谷口 俊一

See also:
Part 2: concept art
Wild Guns / ワイルドガンズ (cover art by Shunichi Taniguchi)