aa 2013

Marta is not going to put someone on the team just because they’re well known. She didn’t bring Nastia or Alicia in 2012. She didn’t bring Shawn in 2011. They tried to have Kyla not do the AA in 2013 in favor of Maroney and guess what??? She didn’t allow it. If Gabby is put on the team it’s not because of that one time her face was on a can of yogurt. It’s because she won the silver medal in the AA last year, helped the team win gold three times, can go up on any event and score well at any time in case of emergency, is the reigning Olympic champion, has become super consistent, won Jesolo and American Cup, almost has her amanar back, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

Take your “she’s gonna make the team because she’s famous!1!1” rhetoric and shove it right up your ass.