sometimes i still can’t believe ???? that aa steve is even real ?????  like, 1st of all, pLEASE nOTE that within the aa universe, steve isn’t even the Official Team Leader, the writers of aa have always taken care to have ppl explicitly acknowledge tony as leader of the avengers. so steve and tony are de facto co-leaders. and there’s no lip service, there’s no ‘team in name only’ because aa actually SHOWS US HOW THEY WORK AS A TEAM & WHY. this whole episode was about tony’s insecurities + paranoia influencing his ability to make good choices and to effectively lead the team. 

and instead of criticising or blaming him for letting his anxiety and doubt get to him, steve supports him.  steve shows him he isn’t alone.  he tells him that the team has his back and he’s never going to be expected to do this all alone because that’s literally what the team is there for. and it’s just so simple, so easy, and straightforward and unconditional.  goddamn, this is how you do steve and tony.

Today in “Why is this a thing?”: People using T’Challa to throw shade @ Tony.

Idk abt you but when I like a character, I go about it by exploring their stories, their ships etc. in a positive way. And not by trying to throw cheap shots at other characters. 

T’Challa is more than that anyway. It’s a disservice to him as well to present him thru a fake conflict with characters who don’t even figure in his story that much, or at all.


Could you have ever imagined you would be in this movie [American Assassin] playing this role [Mitch Rapp]? No, uh, no, no. It’s a really crazy thing. I did that [YouTube videos] as a kid for fun. I loved making little movies, it’s always something I loved and funnily enough, it’s something that I loved so much that I never thought that I could actually do it.