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STAND BY ME ◂ a frostiron dark!Tony and Loki fanmix

1. devil’s backbone - the civil wars / 2. me and mine - the brothers bright / 3. stand by me - ki theory / 4. only you -ellie goulding / 5. renegades - x ambassadors / 6. drop the games - flume and chet faker / 7. run -delta rae / 8. troublemaker - haezer ft.tumi / 9. paradise circus (zeds dead remix) - massive attack / 10. if i don’t have to - keaton henson / 11. revolution indifference - until the ribbon breaks ft. run the jewels

listen [here]

you do not understand how much I love Dan okay he’s such a fucking sweetheart it makes my heart melt


-he high fived

people who couldn’t get into SITC

-he closed his PO box because he didn’t want people ‘pouring their hearts’ into a letters he wouldn’t get to read

-he smiles at old ladies

-he holds doors for people

-he genuinely loves his fans

-he tweeted the people who gave him stuff at SITC and thanked them

-he supports other youtubers and expresses his love

-just read the stories of him and Phil meeting fans okay

-he’s glad to help suicidal people with his videos

-he gives really good advice for people going through an existential crisis

-he gives good advice okay

-do i really need to give more reasons literally

he calls himself an asshole but honestly he’s not

and don’t even get me started on Phil oh my god

just read this and weep

-he cares about his fans and loves them

-he said it was a judgmental and a horrible question when an interviewer asked him “fat girls or skinny girls?”

can i get some Phil quotes in here

“Normalness leads to sadness.”

why. the. fuck. do. people. hate. Phil.

anyway, Dan and Phil aren’t just people on the internet. they are my heroes.