Code Geass Lists celebrates 1000 followers!

A massive thank you to everyone who has followed me! 1000 followers has far exceeded my expectations for this blog when I started out, and I can’t express how grateful I am for your support and endurance during my bouts of inefficiency. For this occasion, an extra-long list is in order!

Lelouch: Hm. That’s funny. I don’t recall sending a “slack off” memo.

Tamaki: Ah c’mon Zero, lighten up and join the part-ay!

Lelouch: Oh? What’s the special occasion this time? Another quarter of a year closer to Kaguya’s birthday?

Kaguya: Don’t be silly Master Zero! That’s next week.

Ohgi: Code Geass has just hit 1000 followers!

Lelouch: …Ahhh. For a moment there I forgot we were non-canon depictions of fictional characters.

Lelouch: That would explain why the Emperor of Britannia is breakdancing. Terribly, might I add.

Charles: You wish you had these moves, son!

Marianne: Charles, you haven’t danced like this since our wedding reception!

Charles: Wait a little longer and we’ll dance like on our wedding night…

Marianne: Ooh Charles…

Nunnally: Um, Lelouch, why are you covering my ears?

Lelouch: I…take this pain for you, Nunnally…

Lelouch: …Does anyone have a bucket?

Gino: Suzaku has it. He’s had a bit much to drink already…

Suzaku: Euphemia…it’s like I can still see you in front of me…

Euphemia: That’s because I am, Suzaku!

Suzaku: If only that were true Euphy…if only that were true…

Euphemia: …No really Suzaku, I’m right here.


Rivalz: Really? You can give me superpowers?!

C.C.: Yes, I can grant you the Power of Kings, but only if you fulfil this ancient contract:

C.C.: Thrice a day, thou shalt provide the Geass Witch with cheesy margherita pizza…

Milly: Um, Ms Cecile, I’ve never seen Lloyd drink before…

Cecile: Oh yes, most of the time he’s unhinged enough without it. Except when he’s with Rakshata.


Rakshata: Why don’t you waddle back into a cave and make fire with sticks while you’re at it, Earl of Pudding?

Nina: Y-You could always replace it with a fusion reactor…


Rakshata: Can I keep her?

Schneizel: You know, the situation called for it. I don’t want any hard feelings between us, Cornelia.

Cornelia: Hmhm. You know what would really make me feel better, Schneizel?

Schneizel: Anything you want, sister.

Cornelia: Riddling you with bullets. Only this time, you don’t survive.

Schneizel: W-well…maybe not anything…

Rolo: You know, they just don’t appreciate the lengths we’re willing to go for them!

Mao: I know right?! I mean, we’ll kill for them! If that’s not a sign of devotion, I don’t know what is!

Jeremiah: So if you gave me Geass powers in addition to my Geass Canceller, what would happen? Would my Geass appear in my other eye? Would my Canceller cancel my own Geass? Or would it just explode?

V.V.: I’m glad you defected, Jeremiah.

Shirley: Alright everyone, last question! The 97th Emperor of Britannia was called…

Kallen: No idea. Anya, this is where I’m relying on you!

Anya: [shrugs]

Kallen: Wait, what?! You’re Britannian! And a Knight of the Round!

Anya: I have no memories.

Kallen: …Right…why did you want to do this quiz again?

Si Inday at si Dodong sa grocery
  • Dodong:Day, kamusta?
  • Inday:Wala akong sakit para kamustahin mo. Hindi ka doktor. Okay lang ako. Mas okay ako nung wala ka na sa buhay ko.
  • Joke! Bibili lang naman ako ng shampoo.
  • Dodong:Shampoo? Alam ko anong anong shampoo mo, damage repair. Pero I'm still broken inside.
  • Inday:Yuck feeling, magva-Valentines na oy, tigilan mo na yang kahu-hugot mo.
  • Dodong:Sige! Ano bang shampoo bibilhin mo?
  • Inday:Clear. Yung isang ligo lang, maaalis ka na sa ulo ko. Isang ligo lang, hindi na kita maaalala pa. Ay, may kape! Gusto ko rin nito kasi matapang
  • Dodong:Ilan?
  • Inday:Marami. Enough para maging matapang ako. Yung hindi na ako matatakot na iwan ulit ako.
  • Dodong:Oh, eto oh.
  • Inday:Ay, gusto ko 'to pero wala akong pera.
  • Dodong:Day, mahirap talaga yang magkagusto ka pero hanggang gusto ka nalang talaga. Pero, magwi-withdraw muna ako, hintayin mo 'ko, 5 minutes.
  • Inday:5 minutes? Tagal.
  • Dodong:Kaya mo ngang maghintay sa wala, 5 minutes pa kaya.
  • Okay na yung mag-isa, kesa maghintay du'n sa taong lagi ka na lang pinapaasa.

“Are you all right?” I stretched up on tiptoe to feel his forehead. I wasn’t surprised, but was somewhat alarmed, to feel how hot his skin was beneath my palm.

“You,” I said accusingly, “have a temperature!”

“Aye well, everyone’s got a temperature, Sassenach,” he said, a bit crossly. “Only some are hotter than others, no?”

“Don’t quibble,” I said, relieved that he still felt well enough to chop logic. “Take off your clothes. And don’t say it,” I added crisply, seeing the grin forming as he opened his mouth to reply. “I have no designs whatever on your disease-ridden carcass, beyond getting it into a nightshirt.”

“Oh, aye? Ye dinna think I’d benefit from the exercise?” he teased, beginning to unfasten his shirt. “I thought ye said exercise was healthy.”

– Jamie and Claire, Dragonfly in Amber

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anonymous asked:

Is there a somewhat casual way to work with Odin? Like a drinking buddy, deep talks kind of thing?

Oh aye. In some senses, he’s that affable old gent who sits in the corner, and will tell you stories and tall tales with a pint in his hand, and it’s only later that you realise that the story contained something useful for you, or for life.

In others he’s the hard-drinking ex-soldier that enjoys life - the one who embodies Eat, Drink, and Be Merry For Tomorrow We Die. And he’s good to drink and talk with, because he’s been places and Done Things in distant lands. But every so often…you might see something in his eye…something that makes you look askance. An intensity that catches you, that says that those Things were extraordinary, things that have no place in this familiar setting. 

Things of strife, pain, fury and monstrous divinity - awful power and terrible wisdom. Done Over There and Not Here.

Except, of course, that they are here, because he carries them. 

If you’re lucky, that moment will pass, the mask will smooth over the roaring tumult and he’ll be there with a quip and a ready smile.

Or, he’s the guy you get drunk with and discuss the mysteries of the universe with, talking long into the night as you gulp your liquor and chasers,leading you to posit outlandish possibilities and confess secrets.

The fellow who takes one look at your face after a hard day and wordlessly gets the drinks in. He’ll wait till you’ve had enough to take the edge off the pain, and then listen to you pour out the poisons. Or he’ll start talking about nothing in particular and the hours fly by, until you have no idea what you spoke of, you just know you felt better.

All these, are metaphorical expressions of the fact that you can have a casual relationship, but he is never casual. He’s always very deliberate, very precise - even, and especially when, he appears at his most casual and random.

Certainly, you don’t need to be all srs bizness to say hey - sharing a drink with a god is, at least in my experience, one of things which can have Great or little meaning, but it always has an effect. Then again, doing so with humans is like that too - even your casual buddies appreciate the rounds and the conversation, because it strengthens social ties, y’know?

Which is not to say drinking partners, gods or no, don’t have their own agenda in drinking with you. Everyone has an agenda, a reason they do what they do, and the Old Man is no different. The distinction lies in the way you see him - what kind of person would you drink with?

Given all you know, all you’ve read, all you’ve heard, would you avoid him in a pub? There are plenty of people who might have scary or troubling histories that we still might drink with, aren’t there?

Doesn’t mean we have to be bosom pals. Mind you, sometimes relationships founded on casual beginnings can become deeper, and sometimes not. You pays your money, takes your drink, and see where things go.

That’s the game of it. It’s up to you. Just remember, these things run on two way streets.

Have one for me, eh?

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