There is something almost poetic about how D&D proved the entire point of Jeyne’s storyline: that in their eyes she’s not worth saving. Is “poetic” the right word?

We won’t forget you, Jeyne. The readers remember.

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it's cool how much you like arianne, but she was cut from the show, so doesn't that mean she won't matter much to the end game?

Two points.

Firstly, I’m more or less convinced at this point that these bozos have no idea whatsoever what they’re doing. I was half convinced they were going to cut R+L=J and say they had no time before they started seeding it with all the subtlety of a Cordyceps fungus this season.

I have no faith that any of their decisions are based on anything other than what those Lannister fanboys happen to think is “cool”, so I’m not going to read anything into it. And what are you saying, that Revenge Obsessed Faullaria and Myranda the Kennel Master’s Daughter ARE important, because they’re in the show?

Secondly, what do you mean by “endgame”? Do you mean who will “win”? Win what, the “game of thrones”? I don’t think it matters all that much whose ass is going to be warming the Iron Throne at the end. The important thing is the “themes and stuff”, the point the author is trying to make by writing the story in the first place. I somehow doubt the author is writing this story because he cares deeply about Hot Pie’s right to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

The author thought it was worth making Arianne a POV character and giving her some of his best writing so, yeah, I think she’s important even if she dies in her third tWoW chapter.

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i would attribute some of the "boredom" experienced by show only people to the nature of AFFC/ADWD itself though. Even though I love them, they were the "slowest" books by far, especially AFFC. BUT I think many show only people may not think of s5 as "boring" if it had included things like the WHOLE mereenese storyline (the siege, the pale mare, QUENTYN), ARIANNE (I would have chosen arianne over the sand snakes),and the actual, crazy, entertaining, paranoid cersei who burns th tower of the hand

Well, the show isn’t adapting AFFC/ADWD. Like, at all. We have a hollow shell of Arya’s plotline and that’s it.

I personally treat those two as one big, combined book, and it’s hard for me not to place it as my favorite (but seriously my ranking changes all the time). There was something about those books that just like…took it to the next level. And I think it’s some of Martin’s finest. I actually defend AFFC as a stand-alone book because it’s in many ways the most thematically consistent.

I do hear people’s complaints about it “feeling slow.” It never did to me, but I’m the weirdo who enjoys spending page after page inside a character’s head, watching them puzzle out how to deal with their imprisonment while also managing internalize guilt (can’t imagine who I’m talking about ¯\_(シ)_/¯ ), but I hear it. And I do understand they’re not “good for TV” as is.

But…people seem to take it as gospel that they’re bad, and I just disagree. And like, the books feel too slow, okay. Why the hell was the answer to just rewrite every plotline?

Even if some people felt Jaime’s arc wasn’t well-paced, I’ve never heard someone once complain about how “bad” his stuff in the Riverlands was. And yet, that’s gone, that’s completely removed. He’s in Dorne “improvising” with the dumbest plot imaginable.

Speaking of Dorne, some people felt like all the new characters distracted from the “actual story” (I disagree…AFFC/ADWD kind of set the stage for an Act II), and yet the show decided to cut the only nuanced characters they had and then feature cartoonish jokes instead. Not to mention the “star-crossed lovers,” because that was a trope that we need.

Brienne’s arc was slow and meandering? Prey tell what is the difference between that and Brienne the Brute hanging out and telling random locals about Sansa Stark other than the fact that they “improved” her by having her slaughter without hesitation.

I can go on, I can go through every plotline and do this. They didn’t “fix the boring books” (and btw, why do people act like the onus is on Martin for writing books meant for an adaptation when it’s a novel series first?)…they just wrote their own. And when their plotlines aren’t actively offensive or idiotic, they are boring! Tell me one way Tyrion and Varys or Jorah traveling around together is significantly better than Tyrion and the Griffs? The cock jokes?

And you’re so right, anon, in that they really have cut the actual interesting stuff. the boring nature of this season, however, rests purely with the creators, because it’s their storylines, not Martin’s.

The best adaptational decision D&D made this year was not doing the Ironborn. And it’s not because I don’t want them included–it’s because it is simply better to cut something than to change it in an adaptation. Otherwise it ruins the actual themes of the books…aka the beating heart.

So no, I don’t really think the slower pacing of the books can be blame for this trainwreck. Just the arrogance of the showrunners.

Do you want to play some Cyvasse? The Trystane Martell Reread Project

Back before S5 aired when I heard that Trystane would be the only child of Doran to make it onto the show, and that he’d be aged up to take front a center stage in the Dornish theater, I realized that he must be of the utmost importance as a literary character. Following in the path of some of the brilliant and insightful reread projects on, I decided to complete one for this third-born (or as Showberyn would say, “the second son”) Martell. The result included some of the most eye-opening discoveries possible for a character absolutely overflowing with nuance. Enjoy!

Trystane never appears on page. People mention him and think about him in passing sometimes. It seems that he’s at Sunspear during most of the events of AFFC, and then goes to the Water Gardens with Myrcella. We know that he and Myrcella play cyvasse from time to time, and that when Arys was lying about her being having red spots, Trys still wanted to visit her. That’s nice of him,  though the disease also posed no danger to him.


Dimples bloomed in Tyene’s cheeks. “I would be honored to arrange the wedding, and to see to the making of the crowns as well. Trystane and Myrcella are so innocent, I thought perhaps white gold… with emeralds, to match Myrcella’s eyes.“

Trystane is innocent. Yes, he’s only 13, but was Oberyn innocent at 13? I’m pretty sure he was fathering Obara. Perhaps Arianne (and by extension Tyene) are just as uncomfortable with his budding sexuality as Doran is with Arianne’s.

Prince Trystane had taken to the game at once, and Myrcella had learned it so she could play with him. She was not quite one-and-ten, her betrothed three-and-ten; even so, she had been winning more oft than not of late. Trystane did not seem to mind. The two children could not have looked more different, him with his olive skin and straight black hair, her pale as milk with a mop of golden curls; light and dark, like Queen Cersei and King Robert.

They look different! Arys is really good at digging deep here. Trystane is also quite humble and seems to just enjoy the company. that’s really sweet of him.

“I understand you’ve fought some mighty battles too, Your Grace,” said Drey in his most cheerful voice. “It is said you show our brave Prince Trystane no mercy at the cyvasse table.”

“He always sets his squares up the same way, with all the mountains in the front and his elephants in the passes,” said Myrcella. “So I send my dragon through to eat his elephants.”

Is Trys just a shitty player, or is this an allegory? There’s actually a point to be made here so I’ll direct you to this amazing essay on Martin’s use of cyvasse.

We could also theorize that maybe Trys wants to let Myrcella win so she’ll like him more. That’s kind of cute.

The princess had never been close to her brothers; Quentyn was off at Yronwood, and Trystane was too young.

They are 10 years apart. With Mellario leaving when Trys is about 3, does this position Arianne in a maternal role? Or was he maybe quasi-adopted by Ellaria given the closeness in age he has to Elia.

Princess Arianne made a sad face. “Oh, but we have all grown so fond of Myrcella, ser. She and my brother Trystane have become inseparable.”

Even though Arianne is manipulating Swann, this does seem corroborated in the text. Who did Trys hang out with before? Could Elia or Obella possibly be a bit jealous if they had been close to Trys before her arrival? Does Myrcella’s septa (Eglantine) let her hang out with bastards?

“Seven save us,” whispered Tyene. “Trystane? Why?”

“The woman must be mad,” Obara said. “He’s just a boy.”

“This is monstrous,” said Lady Nym. “I would not have believed it, not of a Kingsguard knight.

It seems all the Sand Snakes view Trys as young and innocent, even though their own "sire” hardly presented this way at that age.

All in all this is a character that is absolutely overflowing with nuance. I think it was a great idea to age him up and place him front and center in the Dornish theater.

Questions to consider:

  • Why wasn’t Trys present to welcome Doran back to Sunspear?
  • Shouldn’t Trys be actively squiring rather than playing cyvasse all day? If he doesn’t want to be a knight, what is his passion? Finger-drumming?
  • He doesn’t seem scared of women in the way Quentyn does, but he’s certainly no Oberyn or Arianne by 13 (Daemon can attest to that). Does Trys not take after either one of his parents?
  • My cat is also named Trystane Nymeros Martell. Do you think he or the book character is more brimming with personality?