Elaena lived a much longer life than her sister Daena, and a much more tumultuous one than her sister Rhaena. The great love of her life was her cousin, Alyn Velaryon, the seafarer and admiral known as Oakenfist, to whom she bore a bastard son and daughter, Jon and Jeyne Waters. She married thrice in later years, twice at a king’s behest and once for passion. She gave birth to seven children, then declared that if seven was sufficient for the gods it would do for her as well.

Princess Elaena Targaryen’s children (requested by @diamondsinmyhair)

// Amelia Clarkson as Jeyne Waters, Edvin Endre as Jon waters, Charles Vandervaart as Viserys Plumm, Luke Shanahan as Robin Penrose, Hanna Sharp as Laena Penrose, Jenna Warren as Jocelyn Penrose, and Ella Sinatra Querin as Joy Penrose

Daniel Abraham is the writer who converted the Game of Thrones book into a comic. He said that there is a particular line of dialog in the game of thrones book, which foreshadows/is important in the last scene of  “A Dream of Spring” (quote below).

Have you collaborated at all with George R.R. Martin in the process of adapting the novel to comics? If so, what’s the creative process there?

I’ve spoken to George a lot in the process. The biggest issues we have are continuity questions. There are things about this story that only he knows, and they aren’t all obvious. There was one scene I had to rework because there’s a particular line of dialog – and you wouldn’t know it to look at – that’s important in the last scene of “A Dream of Spring.” - Daniel Abraham

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How they react...

… To you being a trained combat fighter.

♡ ♡ \ Request from anonymous / ♡ ♡

Can you do a how they should react to the reader being a fighter (female) ? Thank you so much!

I’ve did this preference including pretty much every character so there is a bit for everyone.


Requests are open for preferences, GIF imagines as well as normal imagines.

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Unpopular fannish opinion: Sansa and Jon DO think of each as siblings. They weren’t as close as the others, but neither are they like, “eh, we weren’t close, it’ll be cool if we bone.”*

The sibling dynamic is what makes the development of the romantic relationship interesting, IMO.

*Anecdotal evidence: I have a half brother. We didn’t grow up in the same home, didn’t have a close sibling relationship, we barely knew each other. Even so, my instinct was never, “Oh, we might as well bang.”

The first warm day for months finds Beric and Sandor lying in the bed of the Hilux, soaking up the rays, not really Netflix and chilling since they a) have very dodgy mobile data signals out on the arse end of the Crownlands, and b) that would involve them having sex in the back of a slightly knackered Toyota. Considering they’re quite hefty - or at least Beric is, though to be fair Sandor is a sheer rock face slab of muscle even at the worst of times so he too is quite weighty - the back axle might not stand up to the rampant pounding.

Also Sandor isn’t gay, and Beric’s attention moves ever more embarrassingly towards their resident psychopathic murderbaker, so there is that.

No, this is soft rock and basking. Far manlier.


Baked chapter 5, by AsbestosMouth

In which things start going wrong. Really, badly, seriously wrong. Watch out, Infamous Series Six. You might have competition.

Massively long chapter. Bigger than Sandor’s chest, even.

I am just so curious about the D & D & GRRM communication.

Like do they know the whole end? Did GRRM tell them every detail?

Do they know what characters will not survive? 

Like I am on book 2 (clash) and I just think wait so in future does Rickon get kidnapped like in S6? Does Marg & Tyrells get blown up by Cersei like that? Do Jon & Sansa reunite in books somehow and go to war thinking they getting Arya but really it’s Jeyne? 

Did D & D know these were characters GRRM was going to kill/exit from the series in his own way in books or is it like they kill them off and GRRM gets call and is like damn it I gotta find way kill these characters off now XD