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one thing i find peculiar is that ghosts are mentioned in asoiaf (ghost of harrenhal, theon as the ghost of winterfell, etc); but are there ever any "actual" ghosts? like do ghosts or other guidance from the past canonically exist, or are they just something people believe in like in reallife? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm curious what I might've missed when reading.

Just stories about ghosts – as we’ve never actually seen any on page live (so to speak) in a POV, we can’t be sure they’re real. Though there’s a kind of might-have-been, where GRRM wrote a Tyrion chapter where he met the Shrouded Lord when pulled underwater at the Sorrows, but then tossed it out (probably because of his preference of keeping the presence of gods and other supernatural beings subtle and indirect) and replaced it with a nightmare instead.

As for guidance from the past, there are the Old Gods, who are canonically a group mind of greenseers bound to weirwood trees – and we know from Bran’s experience that he can reach out to the past and the present – so perhaps a greenseer reaching out to the future is also possible. They have visions of the future, so why not be able to talk to the people in the future too? (Who would experience it as a visit from the past.) Time is an illusion, to a tree all times are one.

Also, there are odd dreams of the dead that may have a level of reality to them:

That night he dreamt that he was back in the Great Sept of Baelor, still standing vigil over his father’s corpse. The sept was still and dark, until a woman emerged from the shadows and walked slowly to the bier. “Sister?” he said.
But it was not Cersei. She was all in grey, a silent sister. A hood and veil concealed her features, but he could see the candles burning in the green pools of her eyes. “Sister,” he said, “what would you have of me?” His last word echoed up and down the sept, mememememememememememe.
“I am not your sister, Jaime.” She raised a pale soft hand and pushed her hood back. “Have you forgotten me?”
Can I forget someone I never knew? The words caught in his throat. He did know her, but it had been so long…
“Will you forget your own lord father too? I wonder if you ever knew him, truly.” Her eyes were green, her hair spun gold. He could not tell how old she was. Fifteen, he thought, or fifty. She climbed the steps to stand above the bier. “He could never abide being laughed at. That was the thing he hated most.”
“Who are you?” He had to hear her say it.
“The question is, who are you?”
“This is a dream.”
“Is it?” She smiled sadly. “Count your hands, child.”
One. One hand, clasped tight around the sword hilt. Only one. “In my dreams I always have two hands.” He raised his right arm and stared uncomprehending at the ugliness of his stump.
“We all dream of things we cannot have. Tywin dreamed that his son would be a great knight, that his daughter would be a queen. He dreamed they would be so strong and brave and beautiful that no one would ever laugh at them.”
“I am a knight,” he told her, “and Cersei is a queen.”
A tear rolled down her cheek. The woman raised her hood again and turned her back on him. Jaime called after her, but already she was moving away, her skirt whispering lullabies as it brushed across the floor. Don’t leave me, he wanted to call, but of course she’d left them long ago.

–AFFC, Jaime VII

Was Jaime given a true dream, a visit from his mother’s spirit? Or is his subconscious merely accepting the truth of his lost hand, and projecting his confusion about his identity into his mother’s words? We don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s important that we know. The mystery and ambiguity may be what’s the most important thing here. (See also the question of how real Jaime’s cave dream of Rhaegar and the Kingsguard was, and the question of why Jaime has these true dreams to begin with.)

But since GRRM is deliberately increasing the level of magic throughout the series – and we do know for a fact that the dead can be resurrected – we may eventually get indisputable proof of the existence of ghosts, too. We’ll just have to see…

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Hi, just wanted to tell you that although I'm a Jonerys shipper, I do admire your talent, you make some sick edits. I was wondering, do you ever record your screen while you make these edits? If you do, can you post them? It's fascinating to watch how edits like yours are made. Cheers and keep up the good work!!

Hi there, 

I usually make them on my iPad in Procreate, so yeah, Procreate does record my screen while I’m working. 

Here are two videos, they’re not in great quality, it’s not the same as recording your PC’s screen, but oh well, it’s all I’ve got 😅😅 You can watch on youtube for better quality: [Jonsa] [Princess Lyanna]

Thank you for the lovely message nonny, it’s always good to see nice Jondelion fans out there ✌️💙

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What was your reaction to the Red Wedding the first time you read ASOS?

Relevant backstory on how I came to read ASoIaF - both my siblings were watching the show. My sister’s a long-time book fan, read the series before ADWD came out and everything. I’d given the show a chance because of their recs, couldn’t keep track of all the white guys with beards, and I was pretty turned off by the grimdark marketing. My sister said to me, “Look, read the books if you’ve got the time. The books aren’t like that.”

Tuesday afternoon, first day of a week of leave, I picked up book one on a whim. I was already due to have lunch with my sister on Wednesday, and I showed up sleep-deprived (even by my standards), and insisted we stopped by a bookshop so I could get books two and three. She laughed at me.

So I read and I read, and late Friday afternoon I’m about halfway through book three. I already know that Catelyn and Robb die in this book, but I had no idea of the context. And I had a very bad feeling about this, because honestly, who thinks the Freys are trustworthy? Catelyn and Arya are both trying to reassure themselves that everything’s going to be okay, and I am not reassured.

Then the Freys set out that fucking insulting meal (remind me to break down the menu and how it screams “we’re not wasting good food on you”), and it screams “we’re not wasting good food on you.” This is the point where I realise that Catelyn and Robb are not living out the night. Everything starts clicking at that point, and when The Rains of Castamere are mentioned all I’ve got is a horrible combination of “oh, shit, I was right” and “oh, shit.” I had to read Catelyn VII and Arya IX twice right then just to process that yes, that happened. I’d been reading so steadily and this was the first time I backtracked.

In the midst of all that, it was Catelyn’s horror and grief that made the character repercussions come through most clearly for me.

“Please,” she said. “He is my son. My first son, and my last.”

[A]nd someone else said, “Make an end,” and a hand grabbed her scalp just as she’d done with Jinglebell, and she thought, No, don’t, don’t cut my hair, Ned loves my hair.

Mind you, the end of Arya’s perspective on the Red Wedding is a real gut punch too. As well as a mass slaughter and a terrible betrayal, we’re watching the death of a family. I may have got a wee bit emotional.

“We’re here,” she shouted. Her voice sounded thin and scared, a little girl’s voice. “Robb’s just in the castle, and my mother. The gate’s even open.” There were no more Freys riding out. I came so far. “We have to go get my mother.”

I put the book down, made myself a cup of tea, and then pressed on. Had to know what happened.

Then I realised that I’d finish ASoS that night, I didn’t have book four on hand, and it was far too late to go get it. Also I yelled at my sister for a bit. She laughed at me again.

“Riverrun.” Gendry put the hammer down and looked at her. “You look different now. Like a proper little girl.”

“I look like an oak tree, with all these stupid acorns.”

“Nice, though. A nice oak tree.” He stepped closer, and sniffed at her. “You even smell nice for a change.”

“You don’t. You stink.” Arya shoved him back against the anvil and made to run, but Gendry caught her arm. She stuck a foot between his legs and tripped him, but he yanked her down with him, and they rolled across the floor of the smithy. He was very strong, but she was quicker. Every time he tried to hold her still she wriggled free and punched him. Gendry only laughed at the blows, which made her mad. He finally caught both her wrists in one hand and started to tickle her with the other, so Arya slammed her knee between his legs, and wrenched free. Both of them were covered in dirt, and one sleeve was torn on her stupid acorn dress. “I bet I don’t look so nice now,” she shouted”

Can someone explain why I’ve never read this scene in full like this is gold???!!!

So in the books, the resurrection ritual involves a kissing the dead while breathing fire & everytime Beric came back to life, his memory faded away. Pretty cool. It would have been so awesome if Melisandre kissed Jon back to life LOL & he ended up with minor amnesia.

Thoros: “I filled my mouth with fire and breathed the flames inside him, down his throat to lungs and heart and soul. The last kiss it is called, and many a time I saw the old priests bestow it on the Lord’s servants as they died.”

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His ancestors had been Kings of Salt and Rock, sons of the Sea Wind and Lord Reapers of Pyke. Now his family, and his people, were but shadows of their former selves. Shadows of all the Iron Born had once been.

But Victarion has long followed the Old Ways, even if those ways have all but died, and he Does Not Sow. He will show the so-called Kings, he will show the world, that what a Kraken grasps once it does not surrender.