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Hey, PQ, here's my favorite question to ask the experts...What are the top 10 asoiaf outstanding mysteries you're fairly confident you've solved? Top 10 that have you scratching your head?

Well now, I don’t know if I can get to ten, but a few for each…

Quite confident that Ramsay wrote the Pink Letter (but that he’s wrong about Stannis being dead), the Shavepate poisoned the locusts at Daznak’s Pit, Varys had Tyrek Lannister snatched during the King’s Landing riot, Benjen left the cache at the Fist of the First Men, Aegon’s true parents are Illyrio and Serra (and the latter is a Blackfyre), and of course, R+L=J.

On the flipside, many of the HOTU prophecies remain mysterious: the treasons for gold and love, the beast breathing shadow fire, etc. I have no clue what really went down on Dragonstone in AFFC. Then there are questions I don’t even know will be answered, or if GRRM intends for us to pose them at all: who is Patchface really? Who sold out Arianne? How did Mance go from “meet her at Long Lake” to infiltrating Winterfell? And many more.  

I was talking with a friend and she asked me why did Robert while visiting Lyanna’s tomb put a feather  in one of her hands. She did not notice that Sansa picks up the same feather later.

Robert and his brothers used to go hawking in the books. It is also something that is done for fun in the North: Ned wishes he could go hawking with Robb again, when Sansa is asked by the Tyrells if she practices hawing she says ‘a little’, Arya was promised her own hawk when she grew older etc. So…perhaps Lyanna also enjoyed hawking while at Winterfell. Hawking might be one of the few things Robert had in common with Lyanna. Of course this is just speculation based on some facts from the books, but if this would be the true reason Robert put a feather in the crypts in the show…then it’s really clever…almost too clever. Notice that Sansa picks up the feather…Sansa who is associated multiple times in the books with birds ( called 'little dove’ by Cersei, 'little bird’ by the Hound, then she goes to the Arryns which have a falcon as a sigil, is 'trained’ by the Littlefinger who took a mockingbird as his sigil etc).

At the same time it could be just a coincidence and mean nothing. There’s also a possibility this feather might make some sense at some point (perhaps a short flashback of Lyanna hawking or something).

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What do you think of Dany's words in the trailer? Does it mean she won't rule?

Hey anon,

Well, my first reaction is that her words were ironic given what we know about the season. After sleeping on it last night I noticed that not only are the words ironic they are also an interesting juxtaposition with Cersei. 

Dany says (paraphrasing)  that she was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and so she will. We know from the leaks that while this is very much her intention at the beginning of the season when she arrives to Westeros by the end of the season she willingly gives up her pursuit of the Iron Throne in order to fight the Wight Walker up North. Interestingly enough, this will be the second or third time that Dany will gives up her pursuit of ruling in order to do a greater good. 

First in Astapor, when she went to buy the Unsullied and ended up freeing the slaves. Then in Meereen when she freed the city and decided to stay in order to keep it free and now in Westeros. And it shows something, way too many people miss, that while Dany says one think, her action say something completely different. 

She most certainly is ambition and certainly wants to rule, but (and this is a very important but) her PURSUIT is NOT above her NEED to save others.In the books we know that Dany’s pursuit of the Iron Throne is heavily tied to her need to redeem her family and to live up to her family’s name. It’s an immense burden for her, as she herself thinks that she’d be happiest in a little cottage with someone to love and to have a child. But she knows that it is her responsibility as the last Targaryen to avenge her family and restore them to their former glory. 

Now, the juxtaposition with Cersei couldn’t be any clearer. By the end of the season one Queen will give up her own personal ambitions and risk everything to literally save the world. While on the other hand, another Queen will risk the world in order to hold on to her personal ambition. I think this will be a really interesting visual at the Dragonpit and it will show the difference between those willing to fight for their country and those willing to risk their country.the world in order to hold on to power. 

As to whether or not Dany will rule, I don’t know. Maybe not, but I don’t think she’ll feel guilty about it. I think, if she doesn’t rule, she’ll come to terms with her place in the world and the other ways she can contribute. 

On the other hand, she could rule but not because she was born to rule but because she earned it by fighting for her people.  


I was talking​ to my friend, who is also a hardcore Game of Thrones fan (very supportive over house Stark and non-book reader) and we were discussing “villains” or evil people in Westeros when she mentioned Ramsay Bolton.
Obviously I had to point out that they completely made up Sansa Stark’s arc for the show and it kind of weakened the plot of Theon’s redemption arc. But that’s not my point here.
Then we discussed his death (Ramsay’s) which in my opinion was a bit poorly written although the acting was superb on both sides (Sansa and Ramsay) but I mentioned again my discomfort with the entire “Sansa doesn’t really go here” thing.
Then she said: “But she deserved to be the one who killed Ramsay because she was the one who suffered the most because of him!”
And then my friend said “well, he tortured Theon so that’s bad ("bad”, yeah, you tell me) but he raped Sansa, which is horrible! (Note: Horrible>bad. Anyway) And besides Theon is a warrior and a traitor so he knew what was in it for him when he betrayed Robb!“
He was a young man who had no other choice but to take a series of important decisions that led to his downfall and ultimately to the whole Ramsay/Reek arc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sansa, and Sophie’s performance is and has always been outstanding and I loathe the abuse she suffered and IN NO WAY DESERVED. But, seriously? She suffered more than Theon? She deserved salvation more than him? Pardon my French, but in NO FUCKING WAY.
What Theon did to Robb was not cool, I get it, but let us be realistic: he had no other choice. It was either HIS FAMILY or HIS CAPTORS; although none gave a fuck about him. Anyway, I’m not saying Sansa did not deserve to be saved but she certainly did NOT suffer MORE THAN THEON and they both deserved to be saved EQUALLY.

Sorry, that was a rant but I get very protective over Squid Prince’s character and importance to the show over here.