She texted me, ‘Holy crap, Sofia. This is amazing. I remember when we were in fifth grade and you did a project on the U.S. national team and said you wanted to play on their team.’

I honestly read that and said, 'Holy crap, that’s true.’

I think every girl who has this dream will understand that it means everything. It’s a surreal feeling because you’ve been working so hard toward this. Just to get a call-up is such an opportunity.

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Friendly reminder it's canon that Molly Hooper solved a case at practically the same time as Sherlock Holmes the man synonymous with deduction.

I still think about this and smile like an idiot.

Also me: *sobbing over how brilliant she is*

Sherlock: *trying not to burst over how amazing she is*

Why I love Sansa

As someone who grew up abused, Sansa Stark is important to me. I see a lot of myself in her. Growing up for me was literally like being forced to play a game where you don’t know the rules and once you start figuring things out, everything changes again. That’s the situation Sansa is in and there is very little you can do in a situation like that except go along with what is wanted. So being able to see Sansa make her own decisions and become empowered, figuring out how to play the game and actually playing it is super important to me. It’s 8 years after my abuse ended and I’m still healing from it, so to have the chance to have a character like Sansa, who managed to stay strong through abuse, arguably depression as well, and also still wear dresses as she becomes stronger, is so amazing because I can have someone to relate to and grow stronger and more empowered with. I love her because we’re both survivors.

Shout out to the two men who actually backed me up on Facebook. My college physics professor and a high school classmate who was in the military and studied law. Good thing I know some cool dudes along with the terrible ones.

I’m working on developing my superhero self insert more and ahhhhhhh. I love her so much!! 💖💞

the real way to cast a patronus
  • Draco: Pansy! I've finally discovered the secret to casting a Patronus! Those Gryffindor bastards tried to trick us by saying you have to think of a happy memory, but REALLY you just need to think of something that makes you really really angry
  • Pansy: Oh yeah? What'd you think of then?
  • Draco: Isn't it obvious? I just thought of Potter's stupid face
  • Pansy: Oh Draco
  • Draco: Thought of him laughing with his friends
  • Pansy: Stop it this is too much–
  • Draco: Facing me down and smirking at me with that stupid mouth
  • Pansy: I'm going to cry
  • Draco: Flying on his broom like he fucking owns the whole sky, doing all those fancy tricks and making it look so easy–
  • Pansy: ALRIGHT alright. Enough. So you thought of Potter and finally cast a corporeal Patronus? What animal?
  • Draco: It was a LION Pansy. A glorious, beautiful, powerful LION
  • Pansy: A– A lion? A Gryffindo–

So I commissioned my wonderfully talented friend @plastic-pipes to make a piece from the last chapter of my fanfic Surrender and she absolutely knocked it out of the park. 

The compression of tumblr doesn’t do this picture justice so please click it and really look at it because there are so many wonderful little details all over the place. Pipes is absolutely magic and I love this so much.