Virtue from The Movement!

seriously if you haven’t read it, I fully recommend it - morally complex characters that kick ass and take names (including lgbtq women of color hella hella), really gorgeous artwork, great writing, have I mentioned aN ACTUAL ASEXUAL FEMALE SUPERHERO

Whenever I see douchebag comics dudes do the whole “fake geek girl” bullshit I always like to remember the time when the clichéd fedora sporting MRA asshat who ran my uni’s scifi society tried to mansplain Batwoman to me:

Me: I’m just starting to read Batwoman

Asshat: Um, I think you’ll find it’s Batgirl

Me: No, I’m talking about Batwoman

Asshat (still convinced he’s showing me up): Her name is Batgirl, not Batwoman.

Me: Batgirl is Barbara Gordon. Batwoman is Kate Kane. Totally different characters.

i was at barnes & noble earlier looking for supergirl comics. they only have one copy of the volume 2 TPB and nothing else so i wasn’t sure if i should get it since i’d be missing the first 6 or so issues? 

anonymous asked:

Hey so is it true batgirl also shows up at charity events and helps raise money for children overseas or was that something someone made up?

Send me a very scandalous rumor about my muse to see how they would react.

“I’ve never done that before, but I would do it in a heartbeat.”