The gentleman I waited in line with sent me these two photos from last April! Lindsey Stirling was performing and signing for the debut of her new album at a bookstore near me, and I got a chance to go and give her some art. Hope I wasn’t too much of a huge dork. She was super sweet! Aaahhhh~ *__* I got to meet my music idol and it is a day I will cherish!

okay, and like. 

It’s marius and cosette who adopt nine baby kittens. right? and sometimes their friends eponine and gavroche come over to play with the kittens.

bahorel is the oldest and largest little kitten. he’s very much a outdoor type of cat, super sociable - he actually shows the other kittens his tricks! he chases squirrels just for fun. he’s gavroche’s favourite and they actually chase each other around the lawn a lot.

combeferre is the type of kitten to interrupt marius and cosette when they’re reading - he puts his paw on the book, and doesn’t let go until they start reading aloud - then he just curls up and oddly enough seems to follow along with his eyes.

enjolras loves climbing on things and taking naps. he’s also so shiny, it’s kind of amazing.

grantaire is the other oldest kitten and kind of the guardian on the food and water bowls. he lounges around the house, and demands a lot of attention, but he’s sweet.

baby kitten joly is one of the tinest, and he was born with a deformed leg, but it’s okay - he can still catch up with the others just as well and he’s super cheerful.

bossuet kitten is like, super graceful, but always seems to be there when a vase or something falls to the floor. it’s so not his fault, though.

feuilly kitten was actually found in a box outside all alone, so they rescued him. he spends a lot of time sitting near windows and looking at the world outside, it’s his favourite thing ever.

courfeyrac kitten is probably the most sociable of the kittens, and he has the best eyes, like, just looking at him you can’t refuse him anything. he likes climbing on people and playing with their hair.

prouvaire kitten moews a loud, sometimes almost moewing little melodies? he loves when they’re playing music, too and starts purring along.

“Lazy mornings~”

Happy Birthday Yuta Kajima~!

21 May 2015

I am officially late once again… By 13 minutes orz. I should really consider taking more of an effort when it comes to birthdays ahahaha. Just a quick little sketch for his bday!

Enjoy ~<3