Ice Age: Collision Course 2016



Set after the events of Continental Drift, Scrat’s epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him outside of Earth, where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the planet. To save themselves from peril, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the herd leave their home and embark on a quest full of thrills and spills, highs and lows, laughter and adventure while traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.

How Jaguars Survived the Ice Age
Changing the menu may have allowed jaguars to thrive while other cats perished
By Brian Switek

The mastodons, ground sloths, and sabercats are all gone. They all slipped into extinction around 10,000 or so years ago, along with an even wider variety of fantastic beasts and birds that fall under the category megafauna. But not all these charismatic Ice Age creatures died out. We spend so much time mourning the losses that we often forget the survivors that carry whispers of the Pleistocene world. Among these resilient beasts is the jaguar.

Jaguars are old cats. They first evolved in Eurasia sometime around three million years ago, from there spreading both west and east, eventually inhabiting a range from southern England to Nebraska and down into South America. Today’s range of southern Arizona to Argentina—over 3.4 million square miles—is only a sliver of their Ice Age expansion. And it wasn’t just the jaguar’s range that shrunk. Today the spotted cats are about fifteen percent smaller than their Pleistocene predecessors.

Nevertheless, jaguars survived while the American lion, the sabercats, and other predators vanished. How? In order to investigate this question, biologist Matt Hayward and colleagues looked at the jaguar diet and how the cat’s prey preferences changed over time.

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DA:I in a nutshell

“You’re the Herald of Andraste!”

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Mother Giselle asking not to tell Dorian about the letter- 

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wanting to literally romance every LI

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Dealing with the Nightmare in the Fade

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Figuring out who Solas is 

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Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016


Vaxus Trevelyan’s appreciation video

I put it together for the meme but I like it enough to post it as separate thing. I still cannot believe Vax and Zevran share the same voice actor :D


 This is probably gonna get a lot of hate, but I have always interpreted Blackwall’s backstory as his men tearing through the doors of that carriage and killing the children inside before he could make up his mind whether to do the right thing and stop them or follow the orders he was given. Of course, that does not make him any less guilty, but I just can’t imagine him physically taking a weapon and murdering a child. Maybe it’s just a lie I tell myself because I enjoy his romance. I don’t know.