“I want you to listen to me very carefully, Harry. You are not a bad person. You’re a very good person, who bad things have happened to. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are. And when all this is over we’ll be a proper family. You’ll see.”

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Hey, Visor, idk if you're still taking prompts, (and I don't know if you'll do father/son Reaper and McCree) but here I go: McCree's seen some close calls with Gabe, sometimes thinking he'd actually die. Now... He's nothing but dead; when he returns, does McCree trust Reaper? (Sorry to bother you but I really like your writing ;-;)

(dude i LOVE father/son Gabe and Jesse so much, SO MUCH and you’re no bother at all! this ended up longer than expected LOL)

Gabriel Reyes was dead. Killed in the explosion that leveled the old Swiss HQ and tore Overwatch apart. Dead men don’t just get back up and start shooting again.

But McCree had thought the same thing about Jack Morrison and Ana Amari, and they’d both waltzed in healthy (if not whole), and oh so alive. When Jack told him, in a voice broken by fire and smoke, that Gabriel Reyes was alive he wasn’t sure what to think.

Three mentors thought long dead, but they weren’t. Not really. And the closest thing he’d ever had to a father was trying to kill them.

And then suddenly he wasn’t.

Jesse didn’t know how or why, but Reaper was suddenly part of their new little band, sticking close to Morrison like a second skin and barely speaking to their newer members outside of training exercises.

It was hard to reconcile this wraith with the man that had helped mold him from a snotty teenager into a competent agent. Jesse was angry, felt abandoned by those he thought he could trust. He ignored the tiny voice in the back of his mind that tried to remind him that he abandoned them first.

McCree lets his anger drive him those first few months. Looking back, he can’t tell if he was avoiding Gabe or if it was the other way around. Or maybe it was both. He knew Hanzo could see it, the way he tensed whenever Gabe entered the room or looked in his direction. But Hanzo didn’t push, didn’t try to get them to talk. He spoke on the subject only once, in the quiet darkness of their shared room as they lay twined together.

“The dead rarely return to the living. It can be a second chance. Or a curse.”

McCree definitely thinks it’s the latter. But then he starts to notice things.

When Reyes hands him things, it’s always in a way that lets Jesse grab them with his right hand. When he manages to drag himself out of bed on mornings where Reyes is on breakfast duty he always finds a mug of coffee waiting for him, strong and sweet exactly how he likes it, and his favorite hot sauce set on the table. He hasn’t run out of his favorite cigarillos once since Gabe arrived, which is odd because he knows he hasn’t made a smoke run in months and Hanzo refuses to buy them.

Small gestures, but familiar. It was how the old Gabe would show that he cared.

And when they fought together on missions, they worked together as smoothly as they ever had. Jesse put his bitterness aside and fell into the familiar rhythm, feeling that familiar synergy with Reyes that had come from years of training and watching each other’s backs. McCree didn’t realize just how easily he’d fallen into old patterns until a mission went ass up and he’d had to rely on Deadeye to save his hide.

By all rights he never should have succeeded. His position was too open and he was an obvious target. But Reaper was watching his back and kept him safe as he lined up his shots. In that moment it was like the old Blackwatch days all over again and nothing else mattered.

Jesse spent the whole trip home mulling over the realization that, no matter what had happened, he still trusted Reyes with his life.

In hindsight, the conversation that followed was way overdue.

Jesse found Jack and Gabe talking quietly in the common room, closer than he’d ever seen them in years. Almost as if he could sense what McCree was thinking, Jack rose and quietly left the room, pausing to give Jesse a reassuring pat on the shoulder before he left.

Then it was just him and Reyes. And six years of anger and guilt.

“I’m not sayin’ I forgive you. I prolly never will after some of the shit you’ve pulled. But you’re part of this team now and seem to be lookin’ to make amends. Would be a bit hypocritical of me to deny it to ya seein’ what you did for me before.”

Gabe doesn’t break eye contact, and there’s something in his gaze that’s familiar. Hurt? Regret maybe?

“Listen, mi- Jesse. I get it if you don’t trust me-”

Jesse snorts out a laugh and Gabe stops, looking at him with a hint of wary confusion as he drops down on the couch next to him and slings his metal arm around his shoulders. It’s another familiar gesture and Jesse can see Gabe’s expression soften slightly.

“Oh, I trust you. I just don’t like you all that much right now.”


Jesse laughs as Gabriel Reyes, the infamous Reaper and former head of Blackwatch, actually pouts at him.

“You whip up some of those chiles rellenos though, that could change. Lena is a decent cook and all but I ain’t had good Mexican food in years. I don’t even think she knows what a spice rack is.”

Reyes barks out a laugh and Jesse feels the last of his tension fade.

Gabriel Reyes once gave him a second chance. Now it was his turn to return the favor.

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