✭ : ❛ HXDALEKSA  )

       ❝ Umm – Excuse me? 

       ❝ I’m sorry to bother you but could you– take my picture real quick? I’d do it myself but I can’t get the entire thing in the shot with how short my arms are and it’s… making things a little difficult. Oh, uh—- S'il vous plaît. ❞

 there is a small blush of embarrassment splattering her cheeks at the fact that she had to ask a total stranger to take a picture for her – one that her friends were very impatiently waiting for and had been for the past few days – but the fair skin of her face only seemed to darken as she continued speaking, because Clarke didn’t do much there to make herself seem very cool. damnit, she just wanted a picture of her with the entire Eiffel Tower in the background. that was all. ignoring the thoughts, she brings the camera in her hand up a little bit and showed it to the girl, giving it a little wave and waiting.

il0vedaydreaming replied to your video “Video proof that I am a big nerd who is *mostly* on key :D For…”

Lindsey!!!!!! I don’t know where to begin ���������� YOU SING SO BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! I wish I could listen to you sing a lullaby every night OMG!!!!! Also, I admire you so deeply for being very brave and record it. ����

WANDA!!!! You are so sweet and now I want to sing a Spanish  lullaby to you! <3333 I love you!

jhwyoukeepmeright replied to your video “Video proof that I am a big nerd who is *mostly* on key :D For…”

OH MY GOD, OH WOW! Lindsey, you are such a great singer and I am seeing you sort of in person! Your voice is lovely omg, and you weren’t awkward at all. <3 I’m so glad I came on my dash to see this today.

Awwww Annabel, thank you so much!!!! Your lovely words mean so much! Everyone who has said sweet things about my goofy video has warmed my heart.

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💐 - From Dorian uwu

Send “💐” for my muses reaction to yours giving them flowers.

                   ‘ Oh, now what do we have here ?? ‘

 The living spirit’s eye’s glittered from the salute presence
 of her partner while he was holding an exquisite bouquet
 of flowers, and almost every single one of them were her
  favorite types.

                    ‘ Aw, for me Dorian ?? Oh
                    they’re so lovely, thank you! ‘ 

 With that said, Amelia decreased her gravitational force so
 that she could reach and let her lips could make contact with
 his giving him a warm passionate kiss.