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Please if you're not latinx do not have an opinion on dirty laundry because literally all these stereotypes are so true. A good majority of my cousins were pregnant at 16 and about less than half ran away from home, old fashioned parents are homophobic, Gasolina brings back memories of my friends and I singing No me Queda mas by Selena inside the car, la chancla is a legit thing kids get punished with, and I'm speaking as someone who is Mexican with a very large family. We're tight knitted also

……….i mean ok i know what a mexican-american family is like seeing as i have one. i AM white, but that doesn’t mean that my family doesn’t exist. it hurts to know that a fic like dirty laundry is built on stereotypes that are really damaging and it hurts that the fic allows a lot of white people to make all these racist jokes as well? i’m trying not to talk over people who are very connected to their culture, since i’m not very close to my family, but the fact is, dirty laundry made me very uncomfortable since the entire premise was a white person writing about a really homophobic mexican-american family. idk i think i’m allowed to have the opinion that a white person shouldn’t be writing this. i would never attempt writing this because i’m not that connected to my culture and i’m BIRACIAL

Dialovers/Pkmn Team - Laito

The idea of Laito being a Gym Leader (like Wallace) appeals to me more than him wandering in the rugged mountains with a heavy backpack and 6 pkmn. That sounds like something his twin would be more into. So in my mind, here are some pkmn I can picture him raising:

His signature ‘mon. Very loyal to his trainer. 

His team has ‘feminine’ looking types, but they are by no means weak. 

So I like to think that he uses his starter to attract trainers to him with Sweet Scent.

His Milotic brings all the Beauty Trainers to his gym.

Swiggity Swoobat. If you lose to him, he makes his Swoobat use Heart Stamp on you. Muah.

Edit: I removed Mawile because I found a pkmn that served a better example of what I was going for. Read Gorebyss’s dex entry and you’ll know why.

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(dirty/laundry discourse) so i've been seeing some misconceptions about gibslythe's spanish translator. gib asked them if they could give spanish translations to add more realism to the speech and the translator said sure and that gib could also ask them for any culture advice too. no one told gib "less""offensive"" ways to write dl until after chapter 9 was up and people started attacking them. (which, funnily enough, the translator is one of these people)

i knew she had a translator or something to that effect but I didn’t know anything past that so I can’t really say anything about that. So I don’t want to say anything negative about that. 

However, finding information about writing POC characters is not that hard. 
Writing with Color is a great source for authors who want to write POC characters without depending on stereotyping.
Write World has a ton of sources on how to write POC characters
plus a quick google search could probably turn up more, those are just ones i use myself. 

so do you need someone to tell you not to write in an offensive way? absolutely not. ignorance is not an excuse

Dialovers/Pkmn Team - Yuma

Yuma runs a pokefarm, so his team are kinda big and buff for working. They can still kick some snotty challenger’s butt, but generally he uses them to help with the farmwork.

Yuma found them as Teddisura, Pancham, and Cubchoo, causing mischief around the area and raiding food because their old trainer left them to fend for themselves. He took them in and raised ‘em like they were his own kids. Don’t steal their ‘papa’s’ crops or they’ll beat you up. Together. 

Very helpful with keeping the pesky Murkrow away. Kou is always creeped out by it cause of it’s stare.  

The eye in the sky. Mainly uses Pelipper to water his garden.  

^ He thought it was a fluffy watermelon and then he pulled it out to find a shiny Swinub. Apparently this lil guy was starving and it’s been helping itself to his veggies for a while before Yuma caught him.  

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Is there any news on the latest chapter? Has it been posted? Do we know why the delay?

Nothing concrete.  And I’m not sure why there’s been a delay.  However, I’ve heard whispers that Mangastream will still have the chapter out by tonight or tomorrow and I’m keeping an eye out and will post a link to that as soon as they publish it! ^^

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>:0c Memevee isn’t officially part of the blogs, but I’ll humor you

(just so you all know who we’re talking about)

Full Name: Doesn’t remember, goes by “Sky”
Gender and Sexuality: Genderfluid, Biromantic Ace
Pronouns: They/Them, She/Her
Ethnicity/Species: Eevee; as a human, she was ???
Birthplace and Birthdate: Birthplace and Birthdate unknown, is at least 25 by human standards
Guilty Pleasures: Memes; pranks
Phobias: Heights, Death
What They Would Be Famous For:  Saving the world
What They Would Get Arrested For:  Dumping everyone’s possessions into Whishcash Pond for the aesthetic; doing it for the vinewhip
OC You Ship Them With: N/A
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: N/A
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Action
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Horror, Drama
Talents and/or Powers: Meme curation, typical EEvee powers
Why Someone Might Love Them: She is a walking, talking meme
Why Someone Might Hate Them: SHe is a walking talknig meme who has issues that she is unwilling to talk about
How They Change: Nah
Why You Love Them: Always love the memevee   

Dialovers/Pkmn Team - Carla

Carla is tricky because I don’t know as much about his background as the others, but based from what I have studied, he would prefer ‘regal’ and powerful types. He would likely disagree with the ‘pokemon = friends’ ideology but he wouldn’t treat his team harshly, just with discipline. 

Nuff said.

Royal and loyal. Only obeys Carla’s commands. 

Tyranitar is known for being able to move mountains because it’s such a powerhouse. I def see Carla being drawn to such a pkmn.

Nido’s dex entry says that it can wrap its tail around its foe and crush their bones. Let that sink in.

And another terrifying pkmn. 

Okay those of you who know about a certain Brute ending I won’t have to go into this. 

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sakura? :0

Full Name: Sakura, originally went by Asami
Gender and Sexuality: Female, bi
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Her original body was a gray ninetales born and raised in Ecruteak, body is a fennec ninetales from Unova
Birthplace and Birthdate: Ekruteak, some 60 or so years ago
Guilty Pleasures: the perfume department
Phobias: Being alone
What They Would Be Famous For: /swEATS NERVOUSLY
What They Would Get Arrested For: stealing a sweet roll
OC You Ship Them With: February, and a ninetales oc Valkie has ovo. They’re angsty gfs
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Regina, tried, and failed whoops
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: super super romantic stuff
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: When the protag or anti-hero dies
Talents and/or Powers: Super OP avatar powers
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s super sweet and supportive
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s been super manipulative in the past
How They Change: by throwing an angry bird at them apparently
Why You Love Them: She’s basically the part of me that seeks to be a people pleaser, and she’s a character I created to help share what I learned from a previous issue in my life that was my fault whoops :’)


She makes the best moon fox