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“I don’t think I can make it to a bar,” He admits, his tired eyes settling on her. “I was thinking about heading back to the office and  seeing what I can find.” He’s certain Larry left some booze from when they had celebrated Edgeworth’s acquittal.

No. He wasn’t going to think of HIM.

“But I wouldn’t mind the company. Drinking alone– it’s kinda sad, huh?” Especially after his win today. Maya was still training in Kurain and Ema had left to study, leaving just him ad Charley in the office.


I have been a busy girl this weekend :V

I hunted down all the variant tsum tsum covers for a bunch of marvel issues (Invincible Iron Man #12, All-New All-Different Avengers #13, Amazing Spider-Man #16, Black Panther #5, and Old Man Logan #10)and got all of them except one (Daredevil #10).  That one will require a bit more google-fu :p

On my hunt for comics, I found someone selling the Big Hero 6 Best Animated Feature pin for a pretty decent price and snagged it!

A bountiful weekend, indeed.  I’m happy but my wallet is crying.


Phoenix caring about Franziska’s wellbeing shows a lot about his character. Here is a woman who has never been kind to him and is set on defeating him and after she gets hurt, Phoenix is concerned for her. So he goes out of his way, when he should be focused on helping Maya, to buy tulips for her and to visit her. He’s such a good guy.