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okay, but can i just rant about fucking BLACK JEANS??? like i love them and hate them because they look hella good, but then my cat's white fur gets on it in like 0.000000000003 seconds and i'm like "wut. how. why. bruh." it frustrates me a lot...but im probably gonna keep wearing them lmfao. anyway, i just got off a airplane from japan and i watched these two movies (japanese movies) one was If Cats Disappeared from the World and i forgot the other one, but the movies were so good! (1/2)

If Cats Disappeared from the World is such an emotional movie (i cried on the plane) that really shows how if one thing were to disappear, everything would be different. the relationships in the movie was absolutely amazing and this movie is definitely a must-watch, if i say so myself. it is a more emotional and less action movie, but it’s beautiful. i thought about your stories while watching because it has the Devil and things disappearing and shit, and yeah. i think you’d enjoy it :) (2/2)

omg, that’s something I haven’t experienced since I’ve never been a cat owner hehe. Hopefully I’ll be able to have tons of animals when I have my own house, but I’m kinda hoping I can get a dog in the near future. And thank you so much for the rec!! I never heard about that movie but it sounds really good and you seem to have enjoyed it a lot, so I’ll look it up :)) also it’ll be my first time watching a japanese movie that’s not animation hahah. I love emotional movies so I’m sure I will like it :’)