i’m so overwhelmed right now by this response ?? I don’t even know how to properly thank all of you for this because I can barely type right now? ? ?

i hit rock bottom and honestly you guys didn’t have to help me out, but you did (with reblogs and money and just support in general) and I’m so grateful and amazed and confused BUT MOSTLY i love all of you and it’s been a shit beginning of the year but you guys just made it so much better and I will never be able to thank you enough  dsjfa;sldf holy crap i need to go lie down


“When enemies are at your door
I’ll carry you away from war
If you need help, if you need help.
Your hope dangling by a string
I’ll share in your suffering
To make you well, to make you well.

Give me reasons to believe That you would do the same for me.
And I would do it for you, for you.
Baby, I’m not moving on I’ll love you long after you’re gone.
For you, for you. You will never sleep alone.
I’ll love you long after you’re gone And long after you’re gone, gone, gone.”