[I see what youdid there Ohtaka. Look closely and compare (shadow or overly dark) Alibaba to then cut to actual Alibaba and tell me it doesn’t look like one page he’s giving Arba the middle finger and next looks like he played off cool by switch to pointy finger instead.]

callmejay  asked:

Hi sera! First time... Don't you find really odd all this push from their SM (js and wives)? I mean the fact that they seem to promote more the kids than the wives and themselves... I think that they're trying to prepare us to something big don't you think? or it's just me? anyways, we have to wait until april to know something...

Hello, dear Jay!

I get the same feeling as you did - this feels like the beginning of the end. All of this madness has lead me and many others to believe that they’re establishing themselves as separate people. All of them. Jared, Jensen, D and G. It loks like Jared and Jensen are making an effort to appear as “normal” friends and good fathers to their children while the women are doing their own things - G with her instagram and D promoting the beer business.

Most of their shared pictures have been oldies and G is recycling older Jared pictures on her ig account - why’s that? Are they not in contact? Is someone sending G the pictures she can post? This reinforces to me that J/G are no longer putting a lot of effort into playing the role of a happy couple. Sure, the was that photo where Jared kicked and G was pretending to be pregnant, but I mostly put that on the surrogate panic that happened at around the same time.

Anyway, I’m certain that there’ll be a family portrait of J/G and the kids coming out at some point much in the same vein as Jensen did his. Perhaps along with the campaign with Pop and Suki? I guess that remains to be seen. I do feel as though J/G are preparing for a divorce and J/D are bearding more than usual to help with the separation image (reminding everyone that Jensen is married and NOT with Jared ;) ).

That’s my two cents. I could be terribly mistaken and we’ll just have to wait and see how this all unfolds. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a very lovely weekend ahead of you!

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Left My Heart in Republic City - burrsir - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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For @shallurattweek Day Four: free day (sorry this one’s late too…)

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Allura/Matt Holt/Shiro
Characters: Matt Holt, Allura (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Sendak (Voltron)
Additional Tags: haxus and prorok are briefly mentioned, Shalluratt Week 2017, Alternate Universe - Avatar & Benders Setting, Republic City, specifically, tbh this is inspired by/based off of the first episode of LoK, Minor Violence, legend of korra fusion, Shiro and Allura are very protective and worry about Matt, metalbender!shiro, nonbender!matt, firebender!allura
Series: Part 4 of Shalluratt Week 2017

Matt knew it probably wasn’t the best - or safest - idea, but it was the only place in Republic City that sold the equipment he needed, so he’d made the trip anyway. The Triple Threat Triad basically ran the district, and his tiny 5’4” nonbending frame was not situated for a run-in with them. He was nothing if not determined, however. A quick get in-get out, and he’d be fine.

That’s what he’d thought, anyway.

For Shallurat Week 2017
Day Four: free day

“People won’t watch the show if the cast is mostly POC.”






ratings of sapphic cartoon girls

Princess Bubblegum

science girl!!! Overworks self, cares about her people, questionable morals but top sense of style. Bad with expressing self, good with other things. 15/10!!!


reminds gf to relax! Pretends not to care, but actually cares a lot. Would die for music, has been through a lot but is pretty chill about it. Would probably move furniture around in the night to mess with people, A+/10!! Love her

Sailor Uranus

doesn’t conform to your gender norms!! Loves her gf, cooler than most people in a room, 90s fashion icon, will do the Lesbian Eyeroll at a lot of with things with gf, 100/10!! Would die for her  

Sailor Neptune

Makes most girls she comes into contact with Question, high femme but really buff!! (trust me on this) Doesn’t have a cousin but would steal your girl in a heartbeat given the chance, 150%!! Lovely


The butch rep we deserve!! Swings from excitement to tired™ pretty quick, says ‘thanks Jimothy’ when her mental illness gets edgy at her, tends to get hit on a lot without noticing. 88/10!!!


look at that makeup on point!! Hyper-capable but still wakes up 2am going ‘I don’t kno wat I am doing.’ Gf kisses her back to sleep. Problems with her family but is working it out, sometimes, sort of, she’s trying, 70/10!!


Queen high femme!! Amazing. Embarrassed by pda but also secretly loves it. Thrives off being in control (of self+situations), stores feelings in jar labeled ‘deal with later(or when dead)’. Loves gf!! Fantastic/10

Wears muscle shirts & will flex to impress (!!). Anger ball of so many emotions, can’t believe her gf exists (and that she likes her back). Affectionate, no inbetween interests- all the way or not at all. 1,000/10!!!