★ Sousuke’s Birthday Week 
↳ [ Day 4 ] Smiling Sousuke (o˘◡˘o)

i’m so happy the stars aligned and six years ago anne decided to take the time to bring her lil squish to audition for xfactor and that the light that is harry styles is now a little part of my life and makes me smile and laugh and has helped me meet some really great people, smile so hard my face hurt, see some amazing concerts, find some great music, travel…and so much more, what a wonderful world, thank you to the powers at play in this truly truly


Shinhwa - Memory

aquaburst07  asked:

Have you ever read On Thin Ice? Outside of Klance, what other Voltron pairings do you like?

Reblog if you’re willing to answer anything that comes in your ask right now

yes I have! I actually put it on a fic rec when someone asked me for some fics to read!

I ship Shallura and Hunay too and Hance is really cute but for other ships I really don’t think much on them cuz I’m liKE….. TOO INVESTED IN LOOKING FOR KLANCE STUFF RIP <:v