So @ApothicWineUk sent my handwriting off to be analysed by one of the country’s leading handwriting experts! Graphology can uncover people’s character traits and unconscious thoughts and feelings. It revealed that I am mysterious and daring, complex and experimental. That I’m confident and a bit of a show off but hate confrontation. They even knew exactly how I work! If you want your handwriting analysed, just upload a picture of your handwriting on Instagram using the quote in my picture, and include the hashtag #DiscoverYourDarkSide and @ApothicWineUk in the caption. Follow @ApothicWineUk on Insta to see if you’ve won an analysis and a case of Apothic wine :) #AD

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A wild idea apeares out of loonylein´s mind!


If you want to join: just reblog this with a image of your candy and her uniform c:

You can combine the parts as you like!


There is only room for seven candies, since a real diner wouln´t need more waitresses than that (:

If you draw something for this pls #mcl roller skates diner

Edit: To be fair, if you´re already in such things like the maid cafe, you may not enter ._. This is for the ones who have no such project yet!

9 Awesomely Inclusive Ad Campaigns That Show How Varied Families Can Be
Advertising has come a long way since the catalogues and slogan posters that first characterised the practice when it began to boom in the United States during the 1920s

“It seems like a little thing, who’s depicted in an ad and who isn’t - but those little things ad up, and the big picture definitely matters. 

There are some amazingly inclusive family adverts that have been put out in recent years which will totally give you all the feels. Here are nine of them.”

Watch the ads here

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