• Yall:It’s actually really important that you don’t force a certain sexuality on someone :) It’s none of your business either way actually :)
  • Also yall:*Kai and D.O standing side by side, looking in opposite directions * Do you see the way Kai is looking down and Kyungsoo is looking up its cause Kyungsoo feels in his heart that Kai fell from heaven right into his life and everytime he stands next to him he is reminded of that very moment and Kai is looking down bc he picked Kyungsoo to be the love of his life he loves him they love each other #kaisoo
  • Sehun:I like… Men.
  • Yall:#OhSehunGayIcon2k16 I can’t believe he came out in front of all those people he’s GAY let’s accept that! He just said it, he is gay, stop trying to minimize this!!!!! Oh sehun is gay!!!!