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you're really determined to go after everyone who doesn't ship leorai

No, I’m determined to go after people who shit on leorai for really dumb reasons.

I have plenty of friends who DON’T ship leorai, and it’s not because “it’s incest” or “it’s toxic” or whatever. They just admit they don’t like the ship or think the romance was unecessary or only like them as friends.

If you’re feeling attacked, then sorry but your reason for hating leorai rubs me the wrong way and I have a right to talk about it on my own blog.

❝ The weirdest most spiritual thing just happened to me, man – it was insane. ❞ Phoenix dramatically stated before lifting his coffee mug from the scratched table. He brought the rim of the mug to his lips and took a swig of his coffee. He swallowed it whole before continuing on with his story, whether the person was interested in it or not.  ❝ So while I was going through a case file, I looked out the window and I saw a bird and I stared at it for a very long time and it stared at me too. And we’re having this massive stare-off, right? Then I got to thinking what if I’ve seen that bird before? ❞ Phoenix’s eyes grew the size of saucers, as if he truly thought he was on to something great here. He was running on a few hours of sleep, a red bull, and a cup of coffee. The exhaustion in his being was apparent and the blatant nonsense he spoke was too. Phoenix rested his elbow on the table and pointed at his eyes, ❝ Like, look at me in my fucking eyeballs and tell me that you’ve never wondered if you’ve ever seen the same bird twice? ❞

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goethes geliebte/r: "goethe komm her" / goethe: "nein ich kann nicht." / goethes geliebte/r: " aber meine eltern sind nicht zuhause"/ "goethe: "Es schlug mein Herz, geschwind zu Pferde! /Es war getan fast eh gedacht.[...] /Die Nacht schuf tausend Ungeheuer, /Doch frisch und fröhlich war mein Mut/ In meinen Adern welches Feuer! /In meinem Herzen welche Glut!"


I never get why 2k3 fans claim l/eorai or a/pritello was “better” in 2k3 because like???? ok lets disregard the age difference or assume they ship it one-sided puppy crush – their relationship is not???? meant to be romantic??? so what you’re really saying is you wanted it so subtle its basically not canon? I’m just confused.