I was at home yesterday for few minutes before the BJD Summer Meet (I will post photos later :D ) and managed to bring Nesta’s sleeping head to my “summer home” :P
I tried on the new horns and I love them! :3
They fits so perfectly ♥

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tardis-scooter replied to your post “Ten/Rose OR Tentoo/Rose”

I recently saw Billie Piper at a con, and she said no way did she think Rose would do more than just tolerate Tentoo, and would spend all her time trying to figure out how to get back to Ten.

Yeah, I heard about that. This is one time when I have to flat-out disagree with the actor. Rose made her choice. She knew she was telling Ten what her choice was when she grabbed the metacrisis and snogged him. 

Here’s what I think, and it’s part of the reason I don’t find it to be the perfect happy ending we’re supposed to believe it is. First, they’re both going to feel abandoned. Rose would feel betrayed–she tried for years to get away from that world, and he just dropped her back there knowing (in her mind) that it wasn’t what he wanted. it continues his pattern of sending her away, and that would make her anger and betrayal worse. 

Meanwhile, he’s trying to figure out who she is and isn’t sure Rose actually sees him as the Doctor. Since there’s a time when she can’t consistently see him as the Doctor, his fears are validated. 

Basically, I think it probably took them a good year to work out all the negative feelings surrounding  the way they were thrown together and be willing to attempt the relationship.

The twist is, Bad Wolf altered Rose is my headcanon. So now the roles are reversed, and she’s left to watch the one she loves wither and die.

Once he died, she absolutely went back to the dimension canon project and worked on a way to go home.